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SWGRC working Tests held on Sunday 19th May 2019

Over 100 Pictures from this event  HERE


Sunday 19th May 2019

Bineham City Farm, Knole, Langport

With kind invitation from Ron, Trish and Ed Coombes.

We ventured onto a new ground this year suggested to me by Andrew England, and what a super venue it turned out to be. Bineham City Farm with our hosts Ron, Trish and Ed Coombes provided us with a lovely variety of test sites, beautiful views and an abundance of wildlife to share our day. I can’t thank the Coombes family enough for their time and effort in bending over backwards to better the ground for us.

Preparation for the tests, as always, was a little stressful with three visits to Bineham beforehand but with my extra right-hand helpers on the day we set up in good time and waited to receive judges and a very good entry of competitors. May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Jackie Bissell, Sarah Bell, Helen Hanrahan, Sheenagh Gebhard and Andrew England for going that extra mile for me yet again.

After the judges, Tim Shipp, Haydn Wilmott, Mary Palk and Lucy Jenkins were fed and watered, we did a quick tour of the ground and the tests (again thank you to my friendly test setting advisors) before the brief ‘briefing’ and start of the day around 9.30am. With the five class categories running concurrently, the judges, as always have their memory cells taxed as they have to execute three or four differing tests at their station. My crib cards however do help, I think!

My dummy throwers/marshals have, in the majority been with me for three years and cannot be faulted. I acquired a few new ladies this year (one being a complete beginner) who boosted the team and executed their duties like old pros – I am sincerely indebted to these people who are the backbone of our working tests and only hope ‘my team’ will be around for me next year and the for the Interclub in 2021. (Pretty please)!

The weather was absolutely spot on for both the dogs and the tests, and although it did a become a little warm around noon, it soon clouded over and we were mostly all cooled off by presentation time. Indeed, the aftermath of clearing up and packing away was completed with only about 5 minutes to spare before the first rain drops started to fall.

I believe the both day and venue were enjoyed by all (I did receive many positive comments), my only regret is that my own shortcoming, regarding a couple of scores, left a blip at the end of what was otherwise a very successful day. Again, I apologise sincerely to those competitors that were affected by my ‘blip’.

Looking forward to seeing you all back next year and beyond.

Kim Clunie – Working Secretary SWGRC



1st Sue Jordan with Tullysedge My Belle Nell

2nd Marion Hanman with Salander Ruby Tuesday

3rd Phillip Blount with Hanwood Gold Archie

4th Lucy Mixture with Kaliture Red Pepper


1st Jane Middle with Vamp Clover

2nd Caroline McGregor with Mistybrook Ohio

3rd Valerie Dowding with Tallygold Moss Campion

4th Craig Gardner with Solverdyke Dimple of Honeystreet

CoM David Heath with Moonwater Briar


1st Marion Hanman with Haddeo Teyla

2nd Bruce Ross-Smith with Silverdyke Dram of Canburn

3rd John Debnam with Lilleburne Colne Point Peg

4th Carolyn Rycroft with Amilone Lilly Marlene


1st Craig Gardner with Polihale Hot Tikka of Foxcote

2nd Annette Shearman with Hickorywood Heart and Soul

3rd Andrew England with Dairycott Hebe


1st Delia Gorse with Tashsheen Sky Surfer

2nd Lesley Eden with Lanlwyd Mallachie

Kim Clunie – Working Secretary SWGRC

Over 100 Pictures from this event  HERE

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