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14th AV Open Stake December 2021

14th Open AV Stake limited to 12 dogs Holway, Cattistock

The South Western Golden Retriever Club held their 14th Open AV Stake for 12 dogs on Friday 3rd December 2021 at Inpark, Holway by kind permission of the Atkinson family.  Judges were, Judy Rainey, John Stubbs, Alan Buckland and John Barnes. Chief Steward, Field Trial Secretary Stuart Robson


1st       The Holway Trophy    

            Mr S Richardson         Sotheby’s Choice of Wedgnock               LabD

2nd      Mrs S Winter               Gospelash Hot Eddie of Philchris            GRD

                  Also                        The Donna Trophy for Highest placed Golden Retriever

3rd        Mr A Fisher                 Kaliture Rooster                                          GRD

4th        Mr PVivijs                    Think Twice Uh La La La                            GRB

COM    and Guns Choice         Mr R Gray   Binneybottom Bullfrog Blue  LabD

Additional prizes kindly provided by Skinners

A fantastic day on this lovely ground, thank you to the judges, stewards, bird markers, brilliant team of guns and Nicky for refreshments. Congratulations to the award winners.

Marion Hanman

Working Secretary

Over 100 Pictures from this event  HERE

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 Inpark as the Password (NOTE Capital I in Inpark)

Novice Stake October 2021

Novice stake 8th Oct – Knowle Farm by kind permission of Jane Mann & her family.


We were very lucky to have Jane & her family hosting our Novice trial. Lovely testing ground & great hospitality.

There were a number of experienced triallers and as the trial went on the remaining dogs showed their worth with some good game finding and fine retrieves.

It was good to see  a former stalwart of the Golden world, (Graham Roberts) make a welcome return and whilst not in the awards showed a talented dog.

After a number of close calls in previous  awards,  Judith Evans came out on top followed by Andy Fisher.


         More Pictures from this event  HERE

1 Judith Evans dog Haddeo Digby

2 Andy Fisher’s dog Haddeo Jameson

Guns Choice Margaret Allen’s Winbeck Loyal Kinsman of Tanderswell

My thanks go to Jane, who doubled as one of the judges and to Sean Mcgrath, Mell Brooks and Beth Payne for  judging and giving their time up.

Stuart Robson

Field Trial Secretary

Working Test 2021

The South Western GRC held an Open and Novice working test, run concurrently, at Lower Henlade, Taunton on Sunday 25th July 2021 by kind permission of Mr and Mrs J Rainey.

Generously sponsored by Skinners Pet Food

Judges: Mrs J Rainey, Mrs A Brain and Mrs G Knox

Steward: Marion Hanman

More Pictures from this event  HERE



1ST Judith Evans Askill Loganberry (D)

2nd Mike Andersen Bicknoller Maple (B)

3rd Laurie Pittaway Crystalstream Raffles (D)

4th Robert Atkinson Holway Larch (D)


1st Christine Collins Fallowfen Olympic Rings (D)

2nd Mary Jarrod Chishillhyde Lewis (D)

3rd Margaret Allen Winbeck Loyal Kinsman of Tanderswell (D)

4th Robin Gray Haraka Kat of Grayspeed (D)

Certificates of Merit to:

Judith Evans Haddeo Digby (D)

Christine Collins Fallowfen Tinker (D)

David LeMarinel Haddeo Tomatin (D)

Our Chairman Mrs Glennis Hewitson presented the prizes. Hon Sec Sue Porter was a whizz with the scores

Well done to everyone in the awards

Many thanks to the Committee for their help, the helpers throwing and placing, runners collecting scores who all showed great support, to Derek for supplying the sheep wagon. The day was overcast and not too hot, we had 6 tests. The raffle was a great success raising £105.

Some new faces who I hope enjoyed their day and will return next year plus plenty of regulars entered and showed great support.

Marion Hanman

Working Test Secretary

Working Activities for 2021

This years Golden Retriever Inter Club Test was to be held on Sunday 4th July at Wiscombe Park Southleigh Colyton Devon EX24 6JE , by kind permission of Sara Chichester & family.
Unfortunately the date was changed twice due to difficulties, not least the dates applying in the Road Map set out by the Government and now

Due to the extended Covid-19 restrictions, this event has been Cancelled

Marion Hanman has taken on the job of Working Test Secretary
A Working Test has been organised for Sunday 25th July at Stones, Henlade, Taunton by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Rainey, More details on the Events page.

Two Field Trials have been arranged for next season . A Novice Breed stake on Friday 8th October at Knowle Farm Bowerchalke Nr Salisbury by kind invitation of Jane Mann & family; also an AV Open stake on Friday 3rd December at Holway Nr Dorchester by kind permission of Robert Atkinson & family.

Schedules will be sent out & are available on the website. See the Events Page for more details, downloads, Map etc.

If members have any questions or wish to volunteer for helping at any event particularly the Inter Club please email me. My email is info@frogwelllodge.co.uk

Stuart Robson
Field Trial Secretary

Annual Report from Working & Field Secretary 2020/2021

The year 2021 brought us “Covid” which completely disrupted our lives & made life very different in many ways. For those involved in arranging Gundog events , the Show fraternity were exceedingly restricted as most events are held in doors; however whilst we were unable to hold working tests in the summer , the Government guidelines became clearer & as Trials are an outside event & with determination & support from our enthusiastic hosts we were able to hold 2 trials this season.

Firstly a Novice Breed stake held at Holway Nr Dorchester by kind invitation of the Atkinson family on the 10th October.
Although we had a good entry, by the time of the day of the trial we were subjected to a number of withdrawals but still managed a full card. We started with a duck drive & as usual birds landed in the most difficult of places & tested the Novice dogs game finding ability. A subsequent drive proved the downfall of several competitors leaving the walk up to sort out the remaining 2 dogs. Unfortunately the dogs found retrieves difficult & the result ended with only a COM being awarded to Jill Gardners  Golden dog Polihale Grizzly Bear of Foxcote.
Our Open AV stake which counts towards qualification to the Retriever Championship was also held at Holway on the 4th December. This date coincided with the Tier system being in operation & again a number of competitors were forced to withdraw; however with a good entry we started the day with a very experienced line up of both dogs & handlers & the standard throughout was very high. The day started with a walk up though the fields & woods & as one judge enthused it was very akin to  rough shooting days  he had experienced in the past. A Duck drive followed  with several pretty tough retrieves including a very classy retrieve by Lesley Crompton’s young Golden,after 3 Labradors had either failed to cover the area or couldn’t make the find. Unfortunately after another good retrieve Lesley’s youngster was eye wiped by the more experienced Kirsty Cousins Lab. Leaving 5 dogs to complete a further walk up – 4 labs & 1 Golden. Unfortunately the Golden - Sue Jordans Tullysedge Incas Gold & Sara Gadd’s lab went out to David lathams  Lab leaving 3 dogs . After  further retrieves The trial was declared over with Nigel Probert’s Lab Stauntonvale Buckwheat of LLangynidr winning ( & making his dog up to FT Champ- subject to ratification) . In second place D Friedkin’s Lab Meadowlark Big Rock handled by David Latham ( who , the following Monday made the dog up to FT Champ).
It was great to see 2 young & quite inexperienced Goldens doing so well & it will be interesting to follow their progress.
My thanks go to Robert Atkinson & his family for holding the trials. Robert is very enthusiastic over his trials & I’m indebted to his support. Also my thanks to the judges of both trials who gave up their time & helped to make the trials “Covid” compliant. Novice judges – Judy Rainey, Dave England, Beth Payne, & Jane Manley. Open – Barry Taylor, Nick Coates, Liz Taylor & Ken Green.
Your correspondent will continue to arrange trials next season & hopefully a days working tests this spring . Further details will follow in due course. However the club is hosting the 2021 Inter club working tests in June & volunteers will be needed to help with the tests – dummy throwers/ placers/ stewards etc so if anybody is available on Sunday 20th June please let me know.

Stuart Robson


COVID 19 STATEMENT FOR Field trial season 2020/2021

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For a Definition of Working Test Classes see HERE

To Download Schedules, Entry Forms, Rules & Regs Etc.

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Important Message from our Field Trial Secretary

Dear Members


I’m pleased to advise that 2 trials have been arranged for the coming season , a Novice Breed stake & Open AV. The schedules are attached . If you are entering please note it will be by email or text, I would ask you to insure that your email/text clearly indicates in the heading which trial you’re entering .

The Covid 19 Risk Statement is attached but will be found on the working section of the clubs web site READ CAREFULLY, as are the KC & club rules & entry form. If you are unable to down load the entry form ,any clubs form will do or contact me . If entry by text & you get a run an entry form will then be required as to – entry fee.

A Risk assessment has & will continually be carried out & I will have this with me at the trial if anybody involved in the day wishes to see it. The Covid Safety Officer will be myself unless advised otherwise.

It is essential that all Government, local authority guidelines & club requirements are followed. NO spectators ,friends etc can attend only those involved in the trial. Numbers must be limited to comply with current rules. It goes without saying that you should be equiped with masks / face coverings & some form of sanitiser. Advice will be given on the days procedure prior to the start of the trial. All participants in the trial must be responsible for their actions & take care towards others. If any competitor or person involved in the trial or their family has or has been tested positive of Covid 19 related symptoms they must not attend the trial & must self isolate as per Government advice.

It is both my & our hosts intention to run these trials but obviously we will be subject to national & local guidelines.

Stuart Robson

Please also note that following clarification by the Kennel Club, once an application for membership has been accepted new members will be entitled to members preference in draws.

Stuart Robson

Lots of Photographs from Working & Field events on PHOTOS page 

See Below for Reports & Results from Previous events

SWGRC working Tests held on Sunday 19th May 2019

Over 100 Pictures from this event  HERE


Sunday 19th May 2019

Bineham City Farm, Knole, Langport

With kind invitation from Ron, Trish and Ed Coombes.

We ventured onto a new ground this year suggested to me by Andrew England, and what a super venue it turned out to be. Bineham City Farm with our hosts Ron, Trish and Ed Coombes provided us with a lovely variety of test sites, beautiful views and an abundance of wildlife to share our day. I can’t thank the Coombes family enough for their time and effort in bending over backwards to better the ground for us.

Preparation for the tests, as always, was a little stressful with three visits to Bineham beforehand but with my extra right-hand helpers on the day we set up in good time and waited to receive judges and a very good entry of competitors. May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Jackie Bissell, Sarah Bell, Helen Hanrahan, Sheenagh Gebhard and Andrew England for going that extra mile for me yet again.

After the judges, Tim Shipp, Haydn Wilmott, Mary Palk and Lucy Jenkins were fed and watered, we did a quick tour of the ground and the tests (again thank you to my friendly test setting advisors) before the brief ‘briefing’ and start of the day around 9.30am. With the five class categories running concurrently, the judges, as always have their memory cells taxed as they have to execute three or four differing tests at their station. My crib cards however do help, I think!

My dummy throwers/marshals have, in the majority been with me for three years and cannot be faulted. I acquired a few new ladies this year (one being a complete beginner) who boosted the team and executed their duties like old pros – I am sincerely indebted to these people who are the backbone of our working tests and only hope ‘my team’ will be around for me next year and the for the Interclub in 2021. (Pretty please)!

The weather was absolutely spot on for both the dogs and the tests, and although it did a become a little warm around noon, it soon clouded over and we were mostly all cooled off by presentation time. Indeed, the aftermath of clearing up and packing away was completed with only about 5 minutes to spare before the first rain drops started to fall.

I believe the both day and venue were enjoyed by all (I did receive many positive comments), my only regret is that my own shortcoming, regarding a couple of scores, left a blip at the end of what was otherwise a very successful day. Again, I apologise sincerely to those competitors that were affected by my ‘blip’.

Looking forward to seeing you all back next year and beyond.

Kim Clunie – Working Secretary SWGRC



1st Sue Jordan with Tullysedge My Belle Nell

2nd Marion Hanman with Salander Ruby Tuesday

3rd Phillip Blount with Hanwood Gold Archie

4th Lucy Mixture with Kaliture Red Pepper


1st Jane Middle with Vamp Clover

2nd Caroline McGregor with Mistybrook Ohio

3rd Valerie Dowding with Tallygold Moss Campion

4th Craig Gardner with Solverdyke Dimple of Honeystreet

CoM David Heath with Moonwater Briar


1st Marion Hanman with Haddeo Teyla

2nd Bruce Ross-Smith with Silverdyke Dram of Canburn

3rd John Debnam with Lilleburne Colne Point Peg

4th Carolyn Rycroft with Amilone Lilly Marlene


1st Craig Gardner with Polihale Hot Tikka of Foxcote

2nd Annette Shearman with Hickorywood Heart and Soul

3rd Andrew England with Dairycott Hebe


1st Delia Gorse with Tashsheen Sky Surfer

2nd Lesley Eden with Lanlwyd Mallachie

Kim Clunie – Working Secretary SWGRC

Golden Retriever Interclub Working Tests 2019

Golden Retriever Interclub Working Tests, hosted this year by the Midland GRC.  Set in a beautiful venue, Owlpen Manor, Uley, Gloucestershire,  the home of Sir Nicholas and Lady Mander. 

More pictures from this event can be found  HERE  on our website

Open Stake 7th December 2018

Winners & Judges from this event

The 12th Open stake was held at "Holway"  by kind agreement of Robert Atkinson & his family. A team of 6 guns supported the trial & provided some superb shooting. Early on John "Mc" had a left & right followed by 2 birds flying close together with one shot.

There was also a number of excellent retrieves & the standard of the remaining dogs in the final walk up; very high. Culminating in a win for Andrew Wright who's dog Overthwarts Berwick was running in his last trial before retirement; & as a result achieved his title of Field Trial Champion..

My thanks for the support &  help of Robert & his family including Martin who keepers the farm shoot; the team of Guns & the Judges- Phil  Allen , Nick Coates, Dave Barnes & Keith Broomfield.


1st Andrew Wright Lab Dog Overthwarts Berwick

2nd Jo Rollinson's Lab Dog Troddenmills Bail Me Out

3rd Phil Highfield's Lab Dog VilendalZac of Featherfly

Guns choice Helen Goodwin's Lab Dog Sorrelcott Excalibur

Stuart Robson

Novice Trial 2018

Our trial was held at Knowle Farm Bowerchalke by kind invitation of Jane & Angus Mann.

Our hosts provided a group of young guns who mostly had little experience of how a trial operated but were soon joining in the spirit of the day & helped to make it a very enjoyable day . As one judge commented its a pity more trials are not similarly run as its more in keeping with a traditional days shooting.

                                                                                                                          Photograph courtesy of  Jill Gardner

The dogs were called on to retrieve Pheasant, partridge & duck & after an initial loss of several dogs we finished with 5 dogs all worthy of an award.

My thanks to Jane for providing a feast for our break in the field & the family for making us all very welcome.

1st Philip Blount's D Hanwood Gold Archie

2nd Marion Hanman's B Salander Ruby Tuesday

3rd Jill Gardner's D Polihale Grizzly Bear of Foxcote

COM Robin Gray's B Haraka Kat of Grayspeed

COM & Gun's choice Lucy Mixture's D Kaliture Red Pepper

Stuart Robson

2018 Inter Club Test

This years annual Inter Club tests were organised by the GRC of Scotland on the 17th June at the Glenalmond Estate in Perthshire.

It was a long journey for the team but well worth the effort as Glenalmond is situated in a beautiful part of Perthshire where the natural terrain allowed for 6 very varied & sometimes quite difficult tests, & our hosts a well run & enjoyable day.

Our team comprised of Judith Evans with Tallygold Mulberry & Marion Hanman with Salander Ruby Tuesday - both Open dogs. Christine Collins with Fallowfen's Tinker & Caroline Caines with Gortons Bannatynes Bell our Novice dogs. Apart from Judith's "Rooney", the others team members dogs were young & relatively inexperienced so it was a challenging day for them , but all excelled & I was well pleased with 6th place as the standard was very good.


1st Midland GRC

2nd GRC

3rd GRC of Wales

4th NGRA

Next year the host will be Midland GRC.


Stuart Robson

Pictures from this event  HERE

SWGRC – Working Tests 2018

Open, Novice, Veteran, Special Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler Tests for Golden Retrievers.

Held at Little Marston, Marston Magna, Yeovil BA22 8BJ

By Kind Permission  of Mr & Mrs Michael Dare & Family.

Judges:  Dr Tim Woodgate-Jones (A156), Mr David England (B2946), Mrs Carole Carter, & Miss Zoe Townsend

Well there we are, year two of my working tests completed. As always a lot of hard work and long hours in the preparation -  site visits ( three this year ), paperwork, food, phone calls – it all eventually comes together and provides the competitors with hopefully a good and successful day out.

With the weather forecast pretty much dry and hot for the day, I was horrified to get up to Yeovil at 7.30 am to find it grey, overcast and misty. We couldn’t see more than 30 yards in front of us!!    Trying to keep calm I took a look at Test 1 for the Open dogs where they had a blind right across to the field…….. I couldn’t even see half way across!  Praying that the sun would burn through before the off, I just carried on setting up. There are certain things a Working Secretary can’t change; the weather is one and secondly there is the presence of a pair of nesting swans on the pond! – but thankfully there was a Plan B where the swans were concerned – a second set of tests not using the water.

After the usual introductions we set off, albeit a little late, 4 judges, 8 throwers and 36 dogs were carefully despatched as I had planned, to the Test sites in groups that I hoped would accommodate the multi-handlers with not too much running back and forth.  With some competitors running two or more dogs, a process of juggling has to take place to make it all fit….I think this year my set up worked quite well with only one competitor, who had dogs in three categories perhaps having to change sites a little more often. As if by magic just as everyone set off the sun burst through and the test sites were fully visible.

The four judges saw all five categories of competitors with Tests being set at each post to accommodate. This does take a bit of thinking out but it worked well last year - It is quicker for the competitors and the judges do not have to move very far! This year one of our members Jill Gardener had double booked herself on dates so could not run her dogs on the day – this however was to my advantage, as she very kindly came with me to set the tests. Test setting, I think, is an art and takes years of learning from both observation and running your own dogs – still a novice, I do need to ask for assistance but I am learning fast!

The Tests – in brief were:

Open: Memory Distraction and Blind: Jump and Blind: Hunting for two and Seen Memory: Walk up:

Novice: Memory Distraction and Blind: Jump and Blind: Hunting for Two: Walk up:

Veteran: Memory Distraction and Blind: Seen and Replace: Hunting for Two: Walk up:

Sp. Puppy: Heelwork and Seen: Seen & Replace: Hunting for Two: Double Seen (judge to advise pickup)

ND/NH:  Heelwork and Seen: Seen & Replace: Hunting for Two: Double Seen (judge to advise pick up).

Changes to the distance of the retrieves obviously varied between the categories.

The judges worked through and surprisingly we completed the tests sooner than I had anticipated. Jackie Bissell and Jenny Scott, my right-hand helpers, set to work on the raffle and food while I sat with the calculator and managed to finalise the scores. I am very much indebted to both Jackie and Jenny who as non-committee members gave up their time to help me and keep the show running smoothly.

The venue, Little Marston Farm, is owned by Michael Dare and his family who very kindly allowed us to use the ground this celebration year.  Michael had been a South Western Member and has worked and trialed his dogs for many years, he has also served on the Kennel Club Working Committee. I have learnt much from his advice and expertise and I thank him for his hospitality.

With my thank-you’s to the judges, dummy throwers and helpers out of the way, Michael closed the day presenting our prizes to the winners. With the final competitors disappearing on their journeys home, we took a breather before packing up and hitting the road for a well earned rest.

I hope all enjoyed their day and I look forward to seeing you again next year.



  1st – Mary Palk with Tallygold Blackthorn

  2nd – Mary Jarrod with Chishillhyde Lewis

  3rd – Andrew England with Dairycott Populus Tremula

  4th – Marion Hanman with Haddeo Teyla


1st Christine Collins with Fallowfens Tinker

 2nd – Valerie Dowding with Tallygold Moss Campion

 3rd – Mike Andersen with Merryway Regina

 4th – Mike Andersen with Bicknoller Maple


  1st – Robin Gray with Grayspeed Kapuki

  2nd – Mary Jarrod with Lilleburne Ripple Reed

  3rd – Jon Debnam with Lilleburne Colne Point Peg

Special Puppy:

  1st – Elizabeth Pelham with Bell Oktave C-Pollo

  2nd – Mary Jarrod with Crystalstream Harris

  3rd – Andrew England with Lizwenda Ashley at Dairycott

  4th –  David Heath with Moonwater Briar


Novice Dog/Novice Handler:  

 1st Robin Mitchell with CH. Tashsheen Martinique

 2nd – James Hood with Goldbounty’s Juniper

 3rd – Alison Lang with Dikeadaze Dagan

 4th – Edith Kreutner with Auchencloch Fable

Pictures from this event  HERE

Kim Clunie

11th Open AV (Retriever) Stake Friday 8th December 2017

We held the 11th Open stake by kind agreement of Robert Atkinson & his family at Inpark part of Holway farm. I organised a team of 6 guns who shot for the trial & very accurate they were to particularly during the walk up which was separated by a short drive.

I suffered my worse trial for withdrawals firstly both "A" panel judges were unable to come & very fortunately Judy Rainey & Robert stepped in. Judy arriving almost straight from the Retriever Championship, where she had been one of the judges. A wonderful honour for Judy . An honour which fell to Robert the previous year. Hence we were ensured of excellent judging.

Four competitors  withdrew which allowed one of the reserves - Steve Richardson to compete. A fortunate turn of events for Steve who had also hot footed from the championship , but now running another dog.

The terrain is most difficult & it was not long before we were down to 4 dogs. At which point Sue Jordan with her Goldie found after Mary Palk's Goldie had failed, leaving 2 Labs & 1 Goldie in the final walk up in very testing Kale. Again Sue's bitch made a superb retrieve but this was followed by a very clinical retrieve by Steve Richardson's young dog. His work throughout had been without fault & accordingly just pipped the Goldie to 1st place.

My thanks to the judges -  Judy Rainey, Robert Atkinson, John Barnes, & Dave Stephens; & to the guns.

Stuart Robson


1st Steve Richardson's Lab D Sothebys Choice of Wedgnock

2nd Sue Jordan's Golden B Tullysedge My Belle Nell

3rd Laura Hill's Lab B Stauntonvale Tic Bean

From Left to Right

Laura Hill

Dave Stevens

Robert Atkinson

John Barnes

Judy Rainey

Sue Jordan

Steve Richardson
From Left to Right

Laura Hill

Sue Jordan

Steve Richardson

Novice trial Thursday 9th November 2017

We were invited by Richard & Caroline Caines to hold the above trial at their shoot at Chalbury Farm near Wimborne. The farm has been in their family for over 100 years & Richard who spent his life farming now devotes much of his time to his shoot which he works with little outside help.

Friends of Richard were invited to shoot for us & proved  extremely good shots resulting in the trial being completed in 2 drives.

Although most of the dogs were young, the standard was high, but with some testing retrieves some of the dogs pretty much eliminated themselves; leaving 5 dogs to go into the 2 second drive. This tested the dogs to the extreme as some 40 or more birds were shot , mostly in full view & near to the dogs & 3 Hares ran in front of the line tempting them further - a real baptism for the younger ones.

A good eye wipe over Nick Coates dog on a bird that had run into the wood was carried out by Mary Palk's young dog but after further difficult retrieves the judges declared the trial over.

My grateful thanks go to Richard & Caroline & to the judges - John Stubbs, Dave England, Liz Taylor & Jane Mann, who kindly stepped in as a late replacement.

Stuart Robson


1) Sarah Winter's B Roughbeat Serafina of Philchris

2) Robert Atkinson's B Salander Angie of Holway

COM) Andrew England's B Dairycott Populus Tremula

COM & Gun's Choice )  Mary Palk's B Tallygold Michigan Blue

From Left to Right

Sarah Winter

Anthony England

Mary Palk

Robert Atkinson

Inter Club Test  Saturday 24th June 2017

This years test was hosted by the GRC of Wales in the Brecon Beacons & 12 Golden Retriever clubs sent a team of 4 handlers & dogs made up of 2 "Open" & 2 "Novice" dogs. Unfortunately the Ulster GRC were unable to send a team but made for it by two members of our team coming across the water from Northern Ireland.

Our team was made up of Judith Evans with Tallygold Mulberry & Shauna McGroarty with Tealcreek Hamish at Tan as our open dogs ; & Sarah Winter with Roughbeat Serafina of Phil Chris & John Williamson with Tealcreek Miss Understood as our novices.

Sadly Mary Palk who had originally been asked to run with her open dog, was unable to as her husband is seriously ill, hence Shauna stepped in at the last moment .

6 tests were arranged including team walked up & in others, an Open & Novice being required to work on different retrieves consecutively. Our team fulfilled all tests & following lunch provided by the hosts, the presentation resulted in the SWGRC finishing 3rd only 2 points behind the GRC in 2nd place - much to their pleasure & our annoyance! - we have a long history of competitiveness with the GRC.

I am very grateful to the South Western team for their efforts in preparation & in performance - all of whom performed well & kept up our tradition of finishing in the results.

Our thoughts are with Mary at this difficult time for both Mary & her family.


Stuart Robson



1) Southern GRC

2) Golden Retriever Club


4) GRC of Scotland


Hosts in 2018 are GRC of Scotland

Pictures from this event HERE

SWGRC 10th Open AV Retriever Stakes

South Western Golden Retriever Club held their 10th Open AV Retriever Stake at Holway, Cattistock, Dorset by kind permission of Robert, Nicky and Martin Atkinson with the generous support of the guns.

Judges were Judy Rainey, Graham Cox, John Keegan and Ken Green.

As always on this ground, a great trial.

1st Steve Richardson's Lab dog Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnock, giving him his title - Congratulations

2nd Laurie Pittaway's Golden Retriever bitch Karnoosty Fairway Flyer

3rd Andrew Wright's Lab dog Overwarts Berwick

Certificate of Merit awarded to Jacquie Crew's Golden Retriever dog Echobrook Dexter.
Guns Choice was awarded to Judith Evans with Tallygold Mulberry
Congratulations to you all

Kim Clunie

Pictures from this event HERE

SWGRC 44th Novice Stake 2016

South Western Golden Retriever Club held their 44th Novice Stake at Orchardleigh, Frome, Somerset by kind permission of Charles Fuller and the support of a team of guns.
Judges were Tim Shipp, Judith Evans, Margaret Allen and Vickie Pritchard.
1st place was awarded to Beatrice Loetscher's dog Funnyline Fieldquest Knockshinnock
Certificates of Merit were awarded to:-
     Sue Jordan's bitch Tullysedge My Belle Nell
     Denise Smith's dog Karnoosty in the Rough
Guns Choice was awarded to Nessa Thompson's dog Waterfall Willow of Haventrent.
Congratulations to you all

Kim Clunie

Pictures from this event HERE

Report on Golden Retriever Inter Club Test

The test was hosted by GRC of Northumberland on Sunday 26th June at Aske Hall Richmond North Yorkshire. A beautiful parkland estate providing plenty of opportunity for creating good tests for the dogs.

12 clubs were represented but whilst Ulster GRC where unable to field a team they were partly represented as John Williamson with Gortons Gaelic Prince & Shauna Mcgroaty with Tealcreek Hamish at Tan, represented  the South Western GRC along with Judith Evans who’s dog Tallygold Mulberry finished top dog last year, & your correspondent  with Batherm Islay of Haddeo.

There were a number of very strong teams with good “Open” & “Novice” dogs so competition was fierce. The tests were not without difficulty particularly for the novice dogs; who were probably challenged more than in any other year.

Our hosts provided a well run day which ended with an excellent cold buffet followed by the presentation of prizes.

The judges were also to be thanked for the spirit in which they entered the day & this always helps the competitors enjoy the tests.

1st Midland GRC

2nd South Western GRC

3rd Eastern Counties GRC

4thGRC of Northumberland

5th GRC of Scotland

Top Dog – Andrew Ward- Smith’s Lochnabo Glorious Golden

Stuart Robson

No Pictures available at this time.

Puppy, Novice, Open and Veteran Working Tests 2016

Lovely day at the SWGRC Working Test-  a long day but all went well...super venue and the weather stayed fine and dry.

Thankyou to the excellent helpers we had...Sally Main, Penny Gaylor, Jenny Clarke and Jackie Bissell as well as the usual stalwarts!

Results from the White House Knighton Wood Farm, Salisbury.

Judges:  Mr John Barnes B2198     Mrs Isabel Whitford/NP,    Mrs Jane Mann


1st Margaret Allen's D Alamy Echo of Tanderswell

2nd Marion Hanman's Salander Ruby Tuesday

3rd Mary Palk's Tallygold Mitchigan Blue

Novice Dog/Novice Handler

1st Craig Gardener handling for p.Wright's Silverdyke Dimple at Honeystreet

2nd Diane Rose's Azteca Rocket Man


1st Christine Collins Fallowfen Olympic Rings

2nd Jill Gardener's Copleybent  Ballistic of Foxcote

3rd Caroline Caines Brisworthy Gamble


1st  Mary Palk's Tallygold Blackthorn

2nd Judith Evans Tallygold Mulberry

3rd Andrew Englands Dairycott Populus Tremula

4th Jill Gardener's Holway Flint of Foxcote


1st Toni Sanders Holway Phantom of Tarinomagh

2nd Judith Evans FT Ch Haddeo Snipe

3rd Michael Hanman's Moonlight Dove

Pictures HERE Courtesy Kim Clunie & Phil Hocking

Kim Clunie

Report on 2015/16 Field Trials season

Time goes by so quickly. No sooner had the season started -  its now finished! Some of you will have achieved your aims but for most I hope you will have enjoyed your trialling & picking up.

We held 3 trials during the season starting with a Novice stake on the 14th November at Orchardleigh by kind permission of Charles Fuller & a team of guns arranged by Michael Hanman.
A fine line divided the first two places but the judges Steve Ashby, Nick Coates ,John Hodge & Alan Ging were able to award first to Jill Gardner.

1st Jill Gardner's Holway Flint of Foxcote
2nd Mary Palk's Tallygold Blackthorne
3rd Ann Ross-Smith's GrayspeedCurrack of Canburne
Guns choice B Ross- Smith's Silverdyke Dram of Canburne.

The Open AV stake on the 9th December was held at “Holway” by permission of the Atkinson family. I must at this point thank Robert & Martin for their help in the smooth running of the day &  their respective wives  for the mid day refreshments & the end of trial meal for guns & judges.
I arranged a team of excellent guns & thank them for their support.
The terrain at Holway is difficult to say the least & so it proved for the dogs when three dogs were left in contention & after a series of diificult retrieves only one remained resulting in the judges awarding only a second place.
My thanks to the judges Sally Jenkins, Phil Bruton, Lisa Harris & Graham Bird for their help & support in keeping the trial moving at a good pace.

2nd Mrs S Dingle's Lab Aquacadian's Moses of Bellspaddle
Guns choice Richard Edwards Lab Lord Rye of Knowle for Lovehayne

Our final trial  - an All Aged stake, was held at The Eastbury estate near Blandford where we were warmly received by the Head Keeper. Two guns came from Wales & three from Exmoor with David Balaam's niece making up the team. My thanks to David – our President, in helping secure the shoot for our trial & cotinuing to support the working side of the club.
An interesting trial followed with a mixture of small drives & some walked up. The judges Judy Rainey, Ken Green, Alex Brain, & Gill Yates again helped in making for a smooth running trial but despite two Field Trial champions & all the other dogs having FT awards the judges could only place two dogs in the awards & again with no first place.

3rd Vicky Pritchard's FT CH Vamp Parsley Potage
COM  Andrew England's Dairycott Populus Tremula
Guns Choice Marion Hanman's Haddeo Teyla

Pictures from this event are   HERE

My thanks to all the hosts, judges, & helpers for all their efforts in making the trials a success.
A particular thanks to the guns, who without their support, would not allow us to hold these trials. If there are any guns reading this, who would like to shoot at a trial please contact me as they are good fun & provide a good days shooting at reasonable costs.

Finally next season will be my last as FT Secretary so if there is a willing volunteer to take over I will be very happy to show them the ropes.

Stuart Robson

Puppy Novice & Open Working Test 2015

The Club held its working test last week end and they were again a great success. Many thanks to Land owners Derek and Judy Rainey the Judges, Gary and Sheila Mitchell and all the others that can and helped and finally all the competitors that made a very friendly enjoyable day. The weather also help we were able to sit and enjoy a chat with the beautiful views of north Somerset beyond.

As in previous years there were 6 varied and challenging tests set with help from Judy Rainey and Judges who helped to sort out the runners and produce are winners.

Many thanks to all for your help in making the day so enjoyable

Working test Secretary

Phil Hocking

Names left to right are : Myself (Phil Hocking) Christine Collins , Judy Rainey , Helen Cripps , Jean Baveystock, Steve Ashby , Mary Palk, Chris Damon , Mary Quincey , Jane Mann , Marion Hanman , Alex  Brain and Caroline Caines


Special Puppy    Download Score Sheet

1st    Fallowfen’s  Tinker   Mrs. Christine Collins

Novice Dog/ Novice Handler    Download Score Sheet

1st     Fallowfen`s Olympic    Mrs. Christine Collings 

Novice    Download Score Sheet

1st Tallysedge Stargazer at Baveybuilt      Mrs. Jean Baveystock

2nd  Holway Buzzer   Mrs. Jane Mann 

3rd  Cadover Alder at Tunnelwood     Mr Steve Ashby

4th  Brinsworth Gambol   Mrs. Caroline Caines

Open    Download Score Sheet

1st   Talygold Blackthorn    Mrs. M. Palk 

2nd  Wadesmill    Mrs Mary Quincey

3rd Holway  Button  Mrs. Jane  Mann

4th  Haddeo Teyla  Mrs. Marion  Hanman

See Photos from this event   HERE

Holway Open Stake 12th December 2014

Our final trial; the Open qualifier which gives the winner a leg up for next seasons Championship, took place at the home of working Goldens – “Holway” , by kind invitation of Robert  & Martin Atkinson & their family. It was Martins day for inviting guns & although some had never attended a trial  they were undaunted & shot very well;

The card showed 6 Goldens & 6 Labradors but due to a family illness a Golden was withdrawn & the balance tipped in favour of the Labs. Going into the 3rd round we had 2 goldens & 3 labs left. As is so often the case, when sent first on an awkward retrieve & not having an exact mark, Judith Evans was eye wiped by Norman Onens Lab & as a result 4 dogs including Beatrice Loetscher & her Goldie went through. Beatrice had come over from Switzerland & has been competing successfully with her dog

In the final drive Steve Richardsons dog of some 18mths of age & in only his second trial succeeded where 2 others, including Beatrice, had failed on a difficult bird in thick cover. However the consistency of Mike Tallamy’s Field Trial champion earned him 1st place.

My thanks to the judges – Gwen Knox, Tim Shipp, Basil Smith & Keith Broomfield

1st Mike Tallamy’s B FT CH Garrethall Quill Of Brindlebay

2nd Steve Richardson’s D Birdsgreen Cluedo OF Wedgnock

 Photographs HERE

Orchardleigh All Aged Stake 22nd November 2014

The above trial was again held at Orchardleigh Frome by agreement with Charles Fuller, the shoot owner. I arranged for a team of guns to shoot for the trial & I am indebited to Michael Hanman & son togetherwith Nick Jordan & his team for agreeing to shoot.

Plenty of birds were shot on the first drive which allowed the judges to complete both the 1st & 2nd rounds. The standard was very good & 5 dogs were featuring in the latter stages of the trial. However Simon Pullins young bitch bred by Simon, showed good potential & came out the winner by “a short head”.

Our judges were Tim Shipp, Adrian Verinder, Ken Chandler & Peter Buckle & I’m grateful to them for giving up their time.

1st Simon Pullin’s B Frizelwood Emony

2nd Margaret Allen’s B Alamy Debbie

3rd Sally Richardson’s D Frizelwood Odan of Hartleyjean

COM Mary Palk’s D Tallygold Mulberry

COM Jo Tomlinson’s B Chishillhyde Lisa.

Photographs HERE

Combe Davey Novice Trial October 2014

The above trial held by arrangement with Tim Woodgate-Jones at his shoot on the edge of Exmoor with guns arranged by Neil Harley of Chitterne Farm in Wiltshire.

The ground is typical of Exmoor shoots although perhaps not so expansive in size but nevertheless the birds shown to the guns were considerably challenging across the valleys, in which the shoot is situated..

12 dogs lined up in the morning but by the third drive we were down to 6. After the last drive the judges were more severe in their requirements & 2 dogs were eliminated for not responding quite quickly enough & one – Mary Palk’s dog left to await her fate. 3 birds had fallen in a wood covered in brambles, stinging nettles & gorse bushes. The remaining 3 dogs were then sent in reverse order & whilst the first 2 found, the third dog Haddeo Teyla, although hunting with great style on her first occasion in a trial, failed to find. The judges walked out to look & found the bird low down in a corner of the area given to hunt by the judges. A salutary lesson to us all that all corners of the designated area must be hunted.

The trial was declared over & 4 awards given with the first 2 places going to European entries from Norway & Holland respectively. An excellent day which highlighted a good standard of Goldens at work.

1st Monica Skerping’s dog Jacklaine’s Cornelius Sky

2nd Gerda Compajen’s Dog Lowly Raffaello

CoM Marion Hanman’s Bitch Haddeo Teyla

CoM Mary Palk’s Tallygold Blackthorn

Photographs HERE

Werrington Park

Werrington Park hold an annual country fair & every other year the Cornwall Field Trial Society are asked by the organisers to arrange an Inter Club working test between the Gundog clubs in the South West. Each team comprises of 3 "open" standard dogs; & following our invitation to participate our team was made up of Robert Atkinson with Holway Cider ,winner of the most field trial points last season; Judith Evans with Tallygold Mulberry & Mary Palk with Tallygold Blackthorne. Both of these dogs had awards at Novice field trials last season.
Judith had also reasonably recovered from her accident which had prevented her from representing the club in the Golden Retriever Inter club tests.
Although I was not present I understand that some of the tests were quite difficult & there were a few failures. Our team however completed all the tests including the team tests which require collective decisions.
With some of the best Labradors in the area competing there was great joy when it was announced that the South Western GRC had won & in addition Mary Palks dog finished top individual. Congratulations to all three - who also apparently looked very smart in our team polo shirts!

Stuart Robson


The Werrington Countrymans Fair was on Sunday 3rd August, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs S Williams, at Werrington Park, Cornwall.  Teams of spaniels also took part in separate tests. Our Judges were Judy Rainey and David Stephens, and 7 teams of 3 Open dogs took part from the Gundog clubs of West Dartmoor, North Devon, Duchy, Exmoor, Westward, Cornwall and the SWGRC.  We were the only Golden team.  The tests included a long marked retrieve, two blind retrieves, a marked and a blind retrieve, a team test of 3 separate retrieves, and a mock drive.

 Our team consisted of Robert Atkinson with Holway Cider, Judith Evans with Tallygold Mulberry, and me (Mary Palk) with Tallygold Blackthorn. As well as being the winning team, my Tallygold Blackthorn came in as the highest scoring dog overall, which was a big thrill.  

A lovely day with a great atmosphere, and we were thrilled to,have won for the SWGRC.

Mary Palk

Golden Retriever Inter Club Working Test

The annual Inter Club test was held last Sunday, & this year hosted by the Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC  at Mayridge Farm Englefield in Berkshire.

A lovely location with a large lake. This is an occasion when the Golden fraternity get together & its possible to see some of the best Open Goldens & up & coming Novice dogs.& meet up with old friends.

12 clubs were entered, but unfortunately the Ulster GRC were unable to attend. Each team consisted of 2 Open dogs & 2 Novice dogs. Our team comprised of  Judith Evans with Tallygold Mulberry & Gary Souster with Souter Tabasco at Roughbeat – the Open dogs.  Janie Mann with Holway Buzzer & Marion Hanman with Haddeo Teyla as Novice dogs.

A training session was arranged for the preceeding  Thursday,  & to our concern Judith suffered a bad fall & Jane’s dog, a puncture wound which left him lame.  Subsequently Judiths injury was far more severe than first thought & after discussion & disappointment decided to  withdraw on the Saturday evening. Fortunately Buzzer recovered. Your correspondent with Haddeo Hermia took Judiths place – with some trepidation as she had not trained or competed since last October.

6 tests were arranged of which 2 involved the water & these caused some difficulty – resulting in a number of dogs having zeros both on water & in the other tests.

All our dogs completed the tests except 2 tests,  of which one had bright orange plastic fencing to jump through a gap in the Pen &  for the  younger novice dogs – a distracting proposition; & the other, a team chat produced the wrong decision!! My fault.

However when the results were announced we finished 3rd – a very creditable performance & yours truly awarded -  1st top Open dog.

Our thanks to the host club for a very well run & enjoyable day & my thanks to our team for their support & efforts.

Stuart Robson


1) Berkshire Downs & Chiltern GRC  459 pts

2) GRC of Wales 447 pts

3) South Western GRC 436 pts

4) Southern GRS 435 pts

Top Novice & Overall dog – Toni Sanders with Holway Pippa of Tarinomagh  117 pts

Top Open Dog -                   Stuart  Robson with Haddeo Hermia 115 pts

Photographs HERE

Puppy Novice and Open working test 2014

This year the entries were a little down on last year? But there was enough for us to go ahead with the day and it didn’t stop us having another enjoyable successful day. I enjoyed it that evening when it was over, feet up relax and recall the days ups and downs mostly ups and  reflect on the success of the day. The weather forecast was for showers heavy at times and how right it was. We had some lovely sunny spells but were a couple of times had to dash for cover but the showers quickly blow over.

                    There were again 6 tests for all classes including the puppies as there were fewer entries. Robert very kindly again set 6 cunning challenging tests which had varying terrain in very close proximity. Open and Novice this year had all doubles half seen and half blinds which were required to be picked in varying orders. There was all types of ground used today, open fields, hills woods .banks, reeds rides in woods. 1 of the open tests was a seen double left and right, but first they were required to pick a blind between then all on a woodland bank. 2 blinds among some fallen trees and brash also caused a few problems. Handlers had to get their dogs well back to enable the dogs to wind the dummies as the wind was blowing away from the handler towards the dummies. The last test for all classes was a walk up.

I felt that there was a friendly happy atmosphere though out the day, this was helped by the friendly relaxed manner of the judges who did an honorable job. Apart from obviously trying to win, for those that didn’t quite make it, was to have fun learn and succeed not fail and I can say I believe this was achieved. Dummy throwers, a vital job without them the day would just not run all received a miniature dummy key ring in recognition of there job, I heard one say he could use it for puppy training!

This year I was offered an unused club trophy an engraved glass bowl, now I had to think how it could be won? What about dummy throwers chose, dummy throwers would make a note of the dog that caught there eye and agree between self’s the winner. Finally many thanks again to Robert and Nicky for allowing us to use there land and Robert for setting the tests, During the presentation after the judges had received their traditional bottles of wine as a thank you ,I asked Robert forward, he must have been thinking  feet up and  a nice glass of wine tonight. How wrong he was having recently moved house he was presented with a couple of roses for their new garden, one yellow to remind them of the wonderful day and the dogs. I must however say the shade of yellow nearer resembled the show lines rather than the working. Many thanks to all that came and completed or helped in any way helping to make it such a lovely.

The results


No awards were presented.


1st Mrs. M. Hanman with Haddeo Teyla

2nd Mrs. J. Gardener with Holway Flint of Foxcote


1st Mrs. M Palk with Talygold Blackthorn

2nd Mrs. J Mann with Holway Button

Dummy throwers choice

Mrs. P Rogers Goldbounty`s Amber

Please email if you would like the full score sheets   Kaspurgold@aol.com

Pictures from this event are  HERE

Open Stake 10th Dec 2013 at New Farm Evesham

Our last trial of the season was a qualifier for the 2014 Retriever Championship & consequently attracted a very good standard of dogs. We had been to Norman Onens shooting ground last year & knew we would receive a warm welcome with excellent facilities & plentifull game.
Norman runs the line extemely efficiently, ensuring the competitors & dogs have every opportunity to mark & show their best form.
There were a number of eye wipes( a dog finding game behind other dogs); & Andy Fishers Golden Retriever produced an excellent 3 dog eye wipe to show his credentials. Meanwhile Nicola Rudgards Lab had steadily accumalated consistent clean retrievers & it ended with only the two of them left in line. Unfortunately the last retrieves caused problems & after considerable & careful discussion the judges decided not to award 1st. The final result was :- 2nd Andy Fishers Golden dog Vamp Pipsissewa (FTCH Birdsgreen Sweet Reward at Castlemans x Welsh Ruby) 3rd Nicola Rudgards Labrador Dog Waterford Featherman ( FTCH Willowyck Ruff x FTCH Waterford Covey)

Next year I hope  to run 2 novice trials probably in the early part of the season & an Open stake again in December after the Championship.

Stuart Robson

All Aged Trial 23rd November 2013 at Orchardleigh

The above "driven" trial for 12 Golden Retrievers was held at Orchardleigh, a venue familiar to many Triallers, as Charles Fuller, the shoot owner is a keen supporter of Field trials.
We were fortunate with the weather & the support of a team of guns arranged by myself & Michael Hanman & my thanks go to Michael, his friends & Henry Pelham for shooting for the trial.
The standard was excellent throughout the day & whilst most of the retrieves were "in the open", the dogs were tested with longer retrieves & those in the awards were all on good form with the younger ones showing great promise for the future. The winning dog & owner/handler came over specially from Switzerland & 4th place was occupied by last years winner (with a young dog) over from Ireland.

Result :-
1st Beatrice Loetscher's D Funnyline Fieldquest JB
2nd Gary Souster's D Souter Tabasco at Roughbeat
3rd Margaret Allen's B Alamy Debbie
4th John Williamson's D Gortons Gaelic Prince
COM Judith Evans D Tallygold Mulberry

Stuart Robson

See the Pictures from this event  HERE

Novice Field Trial at Combe Davey on 12th October 2013

Our first trial of the season was held by kind agreement of Tim Woodgate-Jones on his shoot at Combe Davey near Taunton just outside the boundary of the Exmoor National park.

It is however very similar to the high bird shoots of Exmoor & is in a particularly lovely valley.
The Guns were arranged for the third year by Neil Harley, who also runs a shoot on his farm at Chitterne.

The trial was judged by Steve Ashby,Sara Chichester, Alex Brain & Killy Pennell. All handlers & dogs were sympathetically treated & helped to create a good atmosphere.
After the final drive Vicky Pritchards bitch showed great promise with an excellent display of persistant hunting in finding a bird which had moved; & which helped in securing first place.

1st Vicky Pritchards B Vamp Angelicia
2nd Lisa Harris's D Gortons Blackthorn Lad of Hawksthorn
3rd Yvonne Ferguson's D Ardyle Csardes E Skylane
4th Mr & Mrs B Ross-Smith's D Silverdyke Dram of Canburne
COM Mary Palk's D Tallygold Blackthorn
Guns Choice Carolyn Rycroft's D Tenfield Sea Patrol JW

See all the Pictures  HERE

Inter Club Working Test 2013

2013 Interclub Tests report by Bruce Ross-Smith

Hosted this year by the GRC as part of their four day Centenary celebrations thirteen teams, representing all of the golden retriever breed clubs, lined up for the 2013 Interclub Tests on a blisteringly hot July day.   The meet, in the splendid grounds of the Bathurst Estate, Cirencester, was a mass of colours and noises as the liveried groups of teams, helpers and officials from all over Britain renewed friendships forged at many field trials and working tests over many years.

An event of this size involved an enormous amount of organisation and hard work from Gwen Knox and her army of helpers and we are indebted to them all as they had given up their day for us to be able to run our dogs.   After bacon and sausage baps we were given detailed instructions for the day and then all lined up for an official photograph.

Each team consisted of two ‘open test’ and two ‘novice test’ dogs and our task was to complete six working tests each under a different judge.   The tests were designed to replicate a shoot day where the picking up team had to work together and choosing the right dog to complete the allotted task was down to the team captains.   Simple, perhaps, but the heat of the day, the lack of consistent wind and thus a lack of good scent was going to cause many a good dog to be stretched to the point of failure.

We started at Test 3 under judge, Nick Coates, and we lined out in numerical order.   With two shots fired to our left and over a gated gravel road, the first shot behind indicated a blind and the second saluted a marked retrieve for the first novice dog, me!   The mark was picked and as my dog was returning Graham’s open dog was sent through the gate for a blind in distant white grass.   As the open dog was returning a third shot saluted a mark well out to the right for the next novice, Mary.   Again as the novice dog returned a final shot to the left indicated another blind beyond the first through the gate for Margaret.

Test 4 under Bruno Julien saw our team captain, Graham, stretched on decision making!   Two marks to the right saluted by gunfire, one forward and one back but almost in line and in heavy white grass.   A third shot saluted a mark to the left, again in cover.   The marks had to be taken in order and they were to be followed by a blind with gunfire but we would not be told where until the marks had been collected.   We were told to stay sharp and mark everything, a clue that some skulduggery was afoot.   I took the first leaving Graham the more difficult second mark, Mary took the third leaving Margaret with the blind.   When that last dog was back a shot rang out from the right and a very, very, very far distant dummy was just seen to fall.   Graham got the instant vote and he made a splendid retrieve for 18pts, only three dogs from all the teams completed the task!

Test 5, in the shade and by the lake, was under Phil Bruton.   The two novice dogs were given a blind along the side of the very, very inviting lake.   The first open was sent for a blind under a fallen tree having to pass a distraction thrown into the lake which was collected by the second open.

Test 6, judged by Roy Wort, was again in the lake and we were lined out on a track close to the water’s edge.   The first novice got a mark on the left into the water but, before I could send, Graham had to send his open dog out to the right across the lake for an 80/90 yard blind on the far bank.   The exercise was repeated for the next two dogs.   We only lost 3 marks which was the best performance on this test.

Test 2, judged by Mrs Robin Wise, consisted of two blinds in woodland.   A short blind to the right for the novice was followed by a trickier one to the left for the open dog and then the second pair were sent.   Here we had a bonus opportunity on a fifth blind for the novice which added 17 pts to our total.

Finally, Test 1 was a walk-up judged by Dave England.   The novice retrieves seemed harder than the open’s with both dummies falling out of sight behind trees or cover.   The first open retrieve was longer than the novices but fell in the open and the final open retrieve was a blind behind and was collected in some style by Margaret’s dog.

We were very proud to represent the SWGRC particularly as all our team members came from the SW area.   We took great pride that no-one got a zero and we were delighted to be placed third, only a very few points behind the GRC team.   Congratulations to the GRC of Wales who proved to be very tough opposition.

Bruce Ross-Smith


1st GRC of Wales
2nd The GRC
3rd South Western GRC
4th Northern Golden RA.

Our team was represented by :-
Silverdyke Dram of Canburne handled by Bruce Ross-Smith (Novice)
Tallygold Blackthorn handled by Mary Palk (Novice)
FT Ch Holway Martina of Wydcombe handled by Graham Cox (Open)
Alamy Debbie handled by Margaret Allen ( Open)

See all the Pictures HERE

Thursday evenings Gun Dog Training  2014

 Having just finished the 4th of our planned 6 training evenings, this is a quick update and some pictures of how the year is going so far. We are averaging about 12 dogs per session, 9 or 10 that come most weeks and a few which cannot make them all, some come when they can between work shift patterns and other commitments. The nights are split in to 3 groups, Puppy, Novice and the more advanced, each with an experienced dog handler/trainer. The puppy group does socializing, steadiness sit, stay and recall. The middle group goes a little further, and starts to introduce some seen retrieves along with steadiness and walking to heel. Group 3 are doing double retrieves, seens, blinds and marks and they are also introduced to jumping. There will be a BBQ at the end of the last night for those that have attended the training evenings, let’s hope for weather on that night is just as good as we had this Thursday (May 30th 2013).
Our next training evening is going to be on Thursday June 27th 2013 with the last one 2 weeks later on July 11th. If you would like to come to the last ones could you please contact Phil Hocking  (01935841576) just so I am aware of  the numbers I can expect to turn up. Don’t forget our fun day on July 28th, there will be some very basic working test on that day so why not come along for some training so that you will feel happier entering the fun day test.

Last Training Session and BBQ

 With the end of another successful 6 weeks of training, we enjoyed the beautiful evening of sun shine following the last night to have a BBQ (well cooked by myself) and a few drinks. The training evenings were again a great success and enjoyed by an average of 10 dogs and their handlers. We had a wide range of standards attend, puppy, novice and open. At the latter evenings we even had a black lab attend. On another evening our successful inter club team came along for training and selection. I am hoping that with kind permission from our very supportive land owners to repeat this training again next year. It would be lovely to see some new faces so come along and join in, the dogs will love it.
        Many thanks again to Derrick and Judy for the use of their land, and my 3 very experienced now resident trainers Judy, Judith and Stuart, Special thanks to Gary who brings his wife along training and ends up throwing dummies all night, and of course all those that supported the evenings.

See the pictures of the training sessions & BBQ

Phil Hocking

Working Secretary

Inpark Dorset 29th April 2013

At  Inpark, Holway,Cattistock, Dorset.

By kind permission of Robert Atkinson & His Family

Judges Mrs. Susan Wood, Mrs. Thelma Salaman & Mr. Robin Gray

Prizes courtesy of Skinners dog food

Rosettes 1st - 4th courtesy of Gray Speed Gundogs

Pictures HERE

Special Puppy   ( Up to 2 years )

What a difference a year makes, this year the weather was kind to us, although there was a chilly breeze it was dry and bright, and ideal for the dogs. When the excellent number of entries started to come in thick and fast I was relieved and pleased that so many competitors returned after the rain last year, I hope that it also means we have got the format of the day right. However the great entry left me wondering whether or not to get a 4th judge, after a couple of phone calls, it was decided to try a acquire a 4th judge, and what a wise decision it was, however on the down side I now needed 2 more dummy throwers, I had already had trouble getting throwers where would I get more? I was given a phone number of some spaniel men; they were more than happy to help and did a brilliant job.  This year with the help of some showing members, judges helpers and competitors were treated to the option of tea, coffee and bacon rolls which went down very well. We had a slight delay first thing as Robert Atkinson relayed to the judges the test he had excellently pre-set. There were 4 tests running consecutively. Changing to suit the 3 different classes S/puppy, novice and open. Competitors rotated around the tests until they had done all 4. The tests were all different with the usual singles, double seen, blinds and water. The water was a simple seen on the water for novice and s/puppy but plenty of points were dropped due to dropping the dummy to shake on exiting the water. The open was very testing, a long blind on the water hidden behind some reeds .This certainly helped to sort out some of the days winners and losers. A long seen thrown on to a hill covered with rough tufted grass, just beyond a dip in the ground also proved to be difficult getting some of the dogs back beyond it. Puppies had some heel work on test 4 before a single seen retrieve from wet marshy ground. After this 4th test we all retreated to the yard in which we met for a quick sandwich break, again the catering team did us proud. A BIG THANK YOU to them. Having completed 4 tests the puppies were done so the awards for the class were made during the break. 

1st      No  5      Tullysedge Matchmaker  D  AM02166501
                         ( Echobrook Fergus  Mhor of Ashmhorgold ex Highsea Primrose)
                         D of B   05/06/11  Owner/ Handler  Mrs. H. Burnie

2nd     No 13      Holway Flint of Foxcote    D    AM02330506
                          (FT CH Haddeo Snipe  ex Holway Amarillo)
                          D of B    23/05/11   Owner / Handler   Mrs. J. Gardener

3rd     No 8      Tallysedge Stargazer ad Baveybuilt    B   AM02166504
                       (Echobrook Fergus Mhor of Ashmorgold ex Highsea Princess)
                        D of B    05/06/11   Owner / Handler Mrs. J. Baveystock

4th      No  6     Golden Dance Lupus  D  AM01558806
                        (Merryway Lancer of Tauvechan ex Gunwen Willow with Golden Dance)
                         D of B  02/05/11  Owner / Handler   Mrs. S. Mitchell

Download Score Card  HERE


After the break novice and open had 2 more tests, novice had a double seen short and long on the same line and then a walk up with 2 retrieves one either side of the line. Open dogs  had to sit and stay at the bottom of a hill while the handler went up to watch seen dummies, the dogs were then called up and sent for the dummies which were blind to them. To finish there was a 3 dog walk up, 2 long seen dummies were thrown in front of the line and 1 blind left behind. Each dog made 1 retrieve before moving up the line and repeating twice. The novice and open results were then announced.


1st    No 23    TallyGold Mulberry   D   AL04265209
(Holway Victor ex Merryway Larch of Tallygold)
                      D of B  26/09/10  Owner / Handler Mrs. J Evans

2nd    No 6      Silverdyke Dram of Canburne   D  AM02270002
                      (Clockburn Coachman ex Blackcraig Keel)
                       D of B   19/05/11 Owner / Handler Mr. B. Ross-Smith

3rd    No 1      Gortons Lomand Lad   D   AK00275002
                     (Reed Warbbler ex Gortons Island Lass)
                      D of B  29/08/08   Owner / Handler  Mr. M. Saunders

4th    No 25    Alamy Dunbarof Auro   D  AJ03346308
                      (Libris Mr Pickwick of Auro ex Bowerswaine Bracken)
                       D of B   10/07/08 Owner / Handler Mr. R. Wort

Download Score Card  HERE



1st      No 3    FT CH Haddeo  Snipe   D   3762CT
                     (Holway Victor  ex  Haremire Diane of Haddeo)
                     D of B  17/06/06      Owner / Handler Mrs J Evans

2nd    No 1    Holway Phantom of Tarinomagh   B   4648CS
                     (Lowly Nabucco ex Holway Reema)
                     D of B 8/3/05 Owner / Handler Mrs. A. Sanders

3rd    No 15   Merryway  maximum  D  4504CW
                     ( Holway Victor ex Holway Beretta)
                     D of B   3/5/07  Owner/ Handler  Mrs. H. Burnie

4th     No 2    FT CH Holway Martina of Wydcombe   B 3914CU
                    (Tauvechan Minstrel ex Holway Volley)
                     D of B 26/11/07 Owner / handler Mr. G Cox

4th    No 8     Lilleburne Ripple Reed   D  4385CW
                    (Souter Romulus at Millgreen ex Layton Croft Rhapsody)
                    D of B   13/6/09   Owner /Handler   Mrs. M. Jarrod

Download Score Card  HERE

See all the Pictures HERE 

Working gundog training evenings 2012

We have just finished the 6th and last training evening of the year. They were again a great success and it is hoped we can do somethingsimilar again next year. This year we held 6 all at Stones Farm Henlade by kind permission of Derek and Judy Rainey. We did have to move one evening due to the heavy rain making access across water logged ground impossible, but I think this effected many events this including our working tests. We were lucky to have 3 very good experienced trainers  that not only made the training structured but fun too for both dogs and their handlers. We had an average of 9 dogs per evening so well worth holding. There is room for more so why not come along next year and have a go. There were some new faces this year which was great, but however I was a little disappointed that some from last year gave up and never returned this year. On the last night which was a beautiful lovely summer evening. I lit the BBQ so when training finished sausages and burgers were cooked and ready. They were enjoyed with a glass of cider over looking the lovely views of the somerset country side.

Thanks to the trainers Judy Raine, Judith Evans and Stuart Robson.

I look forward to seeing you next year.

See the Photos Gallery HERE for more pictures

Phil Hocking

(Working test Secretary)

Working Test April 29th 2012

The club held a working test for special puppy, novice and open on April 29th 2012. It was decided this year to change the format of the day running all three classes consecutively, changing the basic test scenario to accommodate the different classes.

                 We awoke to heavy rain and a very strong cold wind. I was stopped in my tracks before the day had even started, encountering a fallen tree across the very road I had instructed all those attending to take, competitors, Judges and helpers. Luckily all but a few followed the club signs and arrived via an alternative route. With no let up in the weather it was decided to go straight through with no lunch break. With three test running consecutively the puppies were sent to test No 1, Novice to 2 and Open to three and instructed to move on to the next test on completion, this worked very well. Unfortunately due to the relentless weather some competitors were getting cold and thinking of leaving early. So it was decided to cut the day short. On the other hand the dogs didn’t seem to be bothered in the slightest and would have kept going all day. The judges were consulted and agreed that dogs had done enough and they would be able to award certificates to the winners. So the decision to discontinue the test was made and everyone made for the shelter of the barn. As I tried to get some feeling back into my fingers to enable me to hold a pen to add up the scores and write the certificates, a prize draw was held, thanks to everyone for their donations for the draw. As the Judges and myself returned for the presentation Keith Broomfield thought it would be funny to announce that there was a tie and a run off was needed.

This was initially followed by a grunt of disbelief, before the penny dropped and it changed to  sighs of relief all round.

The test Winners

Special Puppy   ( Up to 2 years )

1st           TallyGold Mulberry   D   AL04265209 
(Holway Victor ex Merryway Larch of Tallygold) 
Dof B  26/09/10  Owner / Handler Mrs. J Evans

2nd           Chieldmarc Bastien  D   AL0334300 
(Bell Oktave Apollo ex Holway Breya) 
Dof B 21/07/10  Owner, Handler Mrs. E. Pelham.

3rd          Talygold Blackthorn  D   ALO4265203   
(Holway Victor  ex   Merryway Larch of Tallygold) 
Dof B 26/09/10   Owner / handler Mrs M Palk


1st           Holway Virginia  B  AJ00445302 
(Tauvechan Minstrel ex Holway Volley) 
Dof B   26/11/07   Owner / Handler  Mr. R Caines

2nd          Harsett Flora  B  AJ03744102 
(Clancallum Tamdhu ex Harsett Gypsy Rose) 
Dof B   13/7/08  Owner / Handler Mrs. S Lever

3rd          Haddeo Scully   B   AL03675601 
(Abnalls Barley of Deadcraft ex Haddeo Hermia) 
Dof B 4/8/10  Owner / Handler Mr. S Robson

C of M    Haddeo Tayor   B  AL03675602 
(Abnalls Barley Deadcraft   ex  Haddeo Hermia) 
D of B   4/8/10   Owner / Handler  Mrs. M Hanman


1st          FT CH Holway Martina of Wydcombe   B 3914CU  
(Tauvechan Minstrel ex Holway Volley)  
D of B  26/11/07 Owner / handler Mr. G Cox

2nd       Holway Humber  D  AH02656906  
(Holway Banjo ex Holway Jaffa)   
Dof B   3/6/07  owner / Handler Mrs. J Mann

3rd       Haddeo  Snipe   D   3762CT  
(Holway Victor  ex  Haremire Diane of Haddeo)  
Dof B  17/06/06      Owner / Handler Mrs J Evans  


I would like to thank all those that helped me in the running of the day my little sub- committee, helpers and dummy throwers, all three very under standing judges and Robert Atkinson and his family especially Robert for setting the tests and being on hand on the day to help smooth things over. He has also very kindly said we can return next year to run the test he has already set, that we were unable to run this year due to cutting the day short.

Phil Hocking

(Working test Secretary)

OPEN AV Stake at New Farm Norton Nr Evesham on 12th Dec 2012

1st Mrs S Gadd's Lab B FT CH Brindlebay Gertie of Birdsgreen
Guns Choice - Mrs D Wiggins Lab B Brockweir Daisy
No other awards
This was the first time we had used Norman Onens ground but by doing so we could have a "Walked up" trial which is not possible in the South West.
The day was extemely cold (-5 first thing) with a white frost & some fog - which fortunately didn't affect the guns ability as they shot very well. This was a major plus as scenting conditions were not particularly good as was highlighted at the end of the trial. 5 dogs went into the 4th round -3 Goldens & 2 Labs. 2 birds were shot either side of the line. The lefthand one was tried by Fiona Baird & Di Wiggins, who unfortunately both failed & were Eye- wiped by Sarah Gadd. The Partridge shot on the right had been down awhile & regrettably in the cold both Mary Jarrod & Graham Cox's Goldens failed & the bird was picked by the Judges; who then declared the trial over. The winner - Sarah Gadd had only recently returned from Scotland Where she had been competing in the Retriever Championship , along side Judith Evans & 2 of the judges - Dorothy Walls-Duffin & Steve Richardson. Graham Cox at been one of the Judges at the Championship.The other 2 judges at our trial were Lynn Stringer & Robin Watson.

Stuart Robson
Field Trial Secretary

All Aged Stake at Orchardleigh 1st December 2012

Results of the "All Aged" Stake at Orchardleigh near Frome on Saturday 1st December 2012

1st John Williamson's dog Nordenlights Cherokee

2nd Margaret Allen's bitch Alamy Debbie

3rd Shauna McGroarty's dog Amberdolly Hamlet

1st & 3rd competitors came over from N Ireland to compete so had a successful trip.

Stuart Robson.

SWGRC Field Trial Secretary

More pictures from this event HERE

39th Novice Stake 4th October 2012

39th Novice Stake Held at Combe Davey, Brompton Ralph. Taunton. 4th October 2012

Judges were Graham Cox, Tim Shipp, Judith Evans and Jane Mann.

Guns shot for the trial on a damp day on an excellent ground on the edge of Exmoor. Dogs fell by the wayside on this difficult terrain.

Stuart Robson 

Field Trial Secretary

No 1st or 2nd Places awarded

3rd Place  Andrew England's B Merryway Orchid at Dairycott.

CoM  Judy Rainey's B Deadcraft Summertime

CoM  Gwen Knox's HolwayVenus

The Golden Retriever Club 2 Day Stake 22nd-23rd October 2012

Day One

The Golden Retriever Club held their 2 day stake at Berry Castle Shoot near Totnes; by kind permission of His Grace The Duke of Somerset.

For those members not familiar with Trials it was conducted on a "walked up" basis which required 4 dogs to be in line with the Guns and the 4 Judges, then to move forward through cover crops in which there was plenty of Game.

The line had not moved but a few yards when a slightly off guard Gun, wing tipped a Pheasant which came down some 40 yards forward with every intention of running - NOT the retrieve a competitor wants at any time as failure results in immediate elimination. Judith Evans with Haddeo Snipe was sent immediately and her dog made the fall taking a line and after a heart stopping period for both Judith and the gallery, collected the bird some 60 yards further up the field of roots. A tremendous retrieve
which gave her a head start in the Trial.

Haddeo Snipe (Trigon)

The work by many dogs was of the highest order but as always there was great disappointment for some.However, Judith's dog again came to the fore with a 2 dog eye-wipe; which, provided she could keep her nose clean would put her in a very strong position.

The Golden Retriever Club 2 Day Stake 22nd-23rd October 2012

Day Two

On the second day the good work and game finding of those left in was of a very high standard but unfortunately, towards the end, Kirsty Cousins dog moved forward a pace or two and was eliminated. (No second chances in this sport)

As with the opening retrieve, the last bird shot was a runner and after failure by Jackaines Cornelius Sky (all the way from Norway) Robert Atkinson's dog Holway Cider made a terrific job of finding the bird for which he received in the awards, the cup for the best runner in the Trial.

Following this retrieve, the Judges Gwen Knox, Dermont Donnelly, Sarah Chichester and Tim Shipp declared the trial over.

The results announced by Gwen Knox and Trophies presented by The Duchess of Somerset were:-

1st    Judith Evans with Haddeo Snipe (which made up the dog to Field Trial Champion and qualified for this years Retriever Championship)

2nd   Fiona Baird with Treunair Rhum

3rd   Margaret Allen with Almy Debbie

4th   Robert Atkinson with Holway Cider

CoM Andrew Wright with Hoghedens Susa From Sweden and Wadesmill

CoM  Sally Richardson with Castlemans Mkussi

Judith Evans and Haddeo Snipe (Trigon) 

with Head Keeper Geoff Cook

From Left to Right:- Robert Atkinson and rear dog Holway Cider 4th Place Fiona Baird and front dog Treunair Rhum 2nd Place Judith Evans with Haddeo Snipe 1st Place Margaret Allen with Alamy Debbie 3rd Place

All Four are members of the SWGRC

Stuart Robson 
(Field Trial Secretary)

Novice Stake 18th January 2012

I think our novice stake was destined to prove difficult to organize from the moment I heard in a random conversation that the shoot at Chitterne had suffered a significant loss of birds due to disease.  In a previous year when I change a venue, I vowed not to do it again; however We Had not had a novice trial and I wanted to give the dogs an opportunity of qualifying for an open stake. Hence I was delighted when Tim Woodgate-Jones agreed to step in. Tim has a very good ground on the edge of Exmoor and as the competitors found out, it was eminently suitable for trialing, Neil Harley from Chittern very kindly agreed to provide the guns and we were therefore set for the day. Unfortunately one of our judges reluctantly had to withdraw on the Sunday but Steve Ashby was on hand to step in. On the morning of the trial and after a withdrawal we were down to 10 dogs – just enough under KC rules- but to improve the entry on the day your scribe competed. 

I am greatly indebted to Sheila Neary for stepping in as Chief Steward and my band of helpers.  The judges, who were required to use all their guile to insure we had a result, were ably lead by Robert Atkinson with John Barnes and the aforementioned Steve Ashby.

As it was the end of the season there were fewer birds and the guns were tested by the height of the birds. The retrieves devised by the judges tested the dogs and in the circumstances the standard of the dog work was very high, culminating in excellent retrieves by the leading dogs.

1st Sally Richardson’s Castlemans Mkussi  

2ndMary Jarrod’s Ripple Reed

4th Vick Pritchard’s Vamp Pany Wild

CoM Judy Raine Deadcraft Summertime

CoM Stuart Robson Haddeo Hermia

I would like to thank all the land and shoot owners for allowing us to hold trials on their grounds and for judges and helpers for giving up their days to make these trials successful. Without them, trials could not be held and I therefore urge all members to come along and support the events. It’s a good opportunity to experience and learn more about trialing. Although serious, the golden fraternity have a reputation for enjoying the occasion.

I ask any member who shoots to consider shooting at one of our trials as I am more often than not required to find a team of guns. Venues also have to be found as we cannot use the same ground every year. Please contact me if you know of any possible venues 

Enjoy your summer

Stuart Robson 

(Field Trial Secretary)

See more Pictures from this event  HERE

Open Stake 20th December 2011 at Horningsham

We were very fortunate to be invited to the above shoot as they only allow the occasional trial. My thanks are due to roger Millbank & Mike Anderson for their help in setting up the trial. I needed to arrange the guns & aided by Mike and Anne Coutier secured a number of guns and together with Angelo Binaccioni made a team of of 6. All have supported our trials in the past and I am very grateful to them. The Judges were Phil Allen. Graham Roberts Gilly Nickols and Keiran Smith and tothether with the guns were well looked after by head keeper Shawn Jeffries and Steve Crossman at Mill Farm. My thanks to all who helped make the day successful. We had a good entry and after withdrawals 9 Goldens and 3 labs ran which fairly represented the entry. However a Lab showing consistent form prevailed and deservedly won.

1st Basil Smith1s Lab Bynbrig of Highshot (also gun choice).

3rd Judith Evens GR Haddeo snipe (and winner of the “Donna Trophy”- highest placed Golden)

CoM Dave Barnes GR Souter Romulus at Millgreen.

SWGRC Training Day 7th August 2011
We assembled at Stones, Lower Henlade by kind permission of Derrick & Judy Rainey. At a leisurely 9:30 for 10:00 start. There was a good turn out of 18 dogs mainly puppies’ novice with their inexperienced handlers. Some of the training was for the handlers, teaching them how to command the dog’s attention and how to get the dog to go where and do what the handler wanted.

We split into 3 groups with trainer for each and went off to practice disciplines that are needed to effectively work a gun dog. Steadiness, walking to heel, jumping, retrieving, gun fire, handlers whistles and hand signals. After about 2 1/2 hours we stopped for a quick lunch break. After which each trainer set a progress test base on the morning. Participants then had to rotate around the training until they had done all three tests. There were 20 points to be won for each test 60 in total. The winner of each age group was presented with a little gift.

 Dogs under 2 years of age was won by Pat Kindersly and her Briar

Dogs over 2 years of age was won by Valerie Gurney and her Caty.

I decided to give an old trophy, "The Quantock" that had not been out its box for a few years

a new lease of life. It was presented to Michael Honman and his Bella ( Hadeo Teyla).

For the dog that showed the most potential.

Lightening and thunder was rumbling around the hills getting ever closer adding to the gun fire,  minutes after the group and winners picture was taken the heavens opened and we all ran to our cars for cover and left for home in a very heavy downpour.

       I think all who attended had a good enjoyable day and picked up some useful tips. We are hoping to have another next year so why not come long and join us.

      This day of training came only a couple of weeks after the last of our evening sessions had finished, these were also well attended. We saw 20 + different dogs and handlers over the 6 sessions,  I cannot end without saying a huge thanks to the three trainers on the day and their help with the evenings. Judy Raine, Judith Eveans and Sturart Robson without whom the training just would not have been possible. Thanks to all that came and made it not only fun but a useful educational day too. 

Phil Hocking 

(Working Secretary)

All Aged Stake 31st December 2011

All age stake 31st Dec at Orchardsleigh Frome

I was concerned that being New Year’s we would lack entries but in all I received 22 entries which was very pleasing. All the dogs running on the day had Field Trail awards and good dog work was in evidence but unfortunately a live cock caused the downfall of 2 potential candidates for awards and an awkward last retrieve resulted In no 1st being awarded.

Judges were Sue & Chris Hutton and Adrian Verinder together with help from our host Charles Fuller the day ran smoothly and was very enjoyable. Charles is a great supporter of our club and I appreciate his dedication to our cause

2nd Mary Jarrod’s littleburne Torrs Gold

3rd Andy fishers Vamp Pipsissewa (also the guns choice).

More Pictures from this Event  HERE

How the Working side started

   Following the formation of the club in 1973 several of the founder members including Jennifer Sweetenham, Margaret Balaam And Dorothy Skellorn arranged group training for the members Goldens to improve their working ability in Tests and Field Trials.

    In those early days most Goldens were used both in the Show ring and for working, retrieving shot game. If one looks back at photographs taken both before and after the 2nd World War many of the Champion dogs were “Dual Purpose” good looking, with substance and a darker coat. The modern working Golden has generally retained the darker coat and its traditional colouring .Is fast, stylish with good game finding ability and endurance through the shooting day.

   Our club has ,from those early days, arranged both working tests and Field Trials. Many take part in the working Tests but not the Field Trials, and those that do , enjoy with their dogs these Summer activities.

    Working Tests are based as near as possible to a normal days shooting and each test is designed to challenge the dogs training. Test are divided between Puppies ( under 2yrs of age), Novice and Open dogs.

The latter are dogs which have either won a Novice Test or had an award in Open Tests or Field Trials. The Field Trial season runs from 1st September to 1st February , although Trials can be run on Grouse after the 12th August. The standard of training is expected to be higher than for working test and experience on game a necessary requirement.

   Trials are arranged for Novice dogs and the winner is then eligible to compete in Open stakes, which we are also allowed to hold. Some clubs are granted permission by the Kennel Club to hold a Two day stake which currently carries automatic qualification to the retriever Championship. To obtain the title of Field Trial Champion, a dog must win a Two day and a One day trial or Three One day trials. This is an achievement we all dream of obtaining but only a few succeed.

These days the standard of dog work is extremely high and considerable time and effort is therefore given to training .

   The training day is good fun and enjoyable, there is no requirement to enter tests. The satisfaction is to see their “best friend” enjoying themselves retrieving dummies and learning to respond to basic commands.

Stuart Robson Sept 2009

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