SWGRC Open Show Critique

              Open Show held in conjunction with South Western Gundog  Club on 20th April 2019

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at your breed club show.  The weather was hot today, and this may of influenced movement on some dogs. I really enjoyed my day, and greatly appreciated the opportunity of this appointment to assess some lovely dogs.

MPD (7,1), Two lovely puppies headed this class, 1, Morss’s Olvinglay Soothsayer, seven months old, quite mature puppy, lovely masculine head, with dark eye and correct pigmentation. Ample bone, short coupled with a good turn of stifle, shown in good coat, and balanced on the move for a youngster.  2. Scholes’s Rossgilde Sea Lord William, Another quality eight month old puppy, lovely head and expression, straight in front, good length of neck, well sprung ribs, short coupled, correct tail set, moved well once settled. 3. Taylor’s Pandreft Ode to Billy Joe.

PD (6), 1. Edmund’s Sunnyoak Gold Hill,  Caught my eye as he first moved around the ring, 10 month old mid gold mature puppy, most lovely head and expression, good reach of neck, excellent cat like feet, well sprung ribs, strong hind quarters, slightly longer cast but good proportions, correct tail carriage, shown in stunning rich gold coat, moved well, today giving his handler a hard time, Pleased to award him BPD.  2. Morss’s Olvingley Soothsayer, 3.  Taylor’s Pandreft Ode to Billy Joe.

JD (0),

SYD (4), 1. Bawden’s Goldsand Rock and Roll at Darthill, A dog I have judged in the past, but my how he has matured, now at almost two, he has a lovely rich gold coat, most gorgeous head and expression with dark pigmentation. Straight in front with correct reach of neck, short coupled, correct tailset, moved around the ring today with drive, pleased to award him BIS. 2. Gorse’s Tashsheen Sky Surfer, another rich gold coloured dog, most appealing head and expression, well off for bone, balanced outline, correct cat like feet, shown in good coat unfortunate to meet 1, on this occasion.  3.  Hill’s Audeamus Memories of Rostam.

ND (3), 1.  Edmund’s Sunnyoak Gold Hill,  2.  Fenn’s Chalksville Highlander at Jandeburn, Have admired this young boy from the ringside, lovely mid gold coated dog, masculine head and expression with good pigmentation, correct cat like feet, balanced outline in 3.  Hill’s  Audeamus Memories of Rostam.

GD (4,2), 1.  Gorse’s Tashsheen Sky Surfer.  2.  Hill’s Audeamus Memories of Rostam, Paler coated, larger type dog, nice head and pigmentation, slightly longer cast, well off for bone, correct cat like feet, balanced outline, just preferred the movement of 1 today.

PGD (2), 1.  Giltsoff’s Endellion Spinnaker, a lovely mid gold boy, shown in good quality coat, masculine head with correct dark pigmentation, excellent reach of neck, good front, well angulated, both front front and rear covered the ground with ease. 2. Turner’s and Rycroft’s Amilone Royal Scot, mid gold dog, dark eye and pigmentation, correct cat like feet, shorter cast than one, just preferred the movement of 1 today.

LD (5,1), 1. Fenn’s Chalksville Barregarrow at Jandeburn JW ShCM, Mid gold coated dog, lovely head and expression, correct cat like feet , good front, moved well, with level top line and correct tail carriage. RBD. 2. Royal’s Lamyate Lord of the Manor, paler coated dog,

good masculine type head, nice feet, well off for bone, good hindquarters and tail-set, moved ok. 3. Mace’s Steven Choir Master at Telanjan.

OD (3,2), 1. Mace’s Harry the Magician at Telanjan, Rich golden coated dog, lovely masculine type head, dark eyes and pigmentation, short coupled, nice feet, moved ok.

Veteran D or B (6,2), 1. Johnson’s Devonivy Diamond Cut by Niallgold, At nearly eight years old, this dog was obviously his day out, masculine head and expression, straight front, good hind quarters and tail-set, moved well once settled. BV 2. Ellis’s Bramblebriar Cloudberry at Goldleigh, Pretty pale bitch , lovely head and expression, good pigmentation, correct feet, balanced outline, moved well, unfortunate to meet 1 today. 3.  Tricker’s Artemisis Spring Fantasy.

MPB (5), 1. Hazelton’s Cailloch Juneau, Pretty eight month old bitch, enjoying her day out, nice head and expression, Dark eye , lovely tight feet, well off for bone, well angulated with correct tail-set moved well for one so young.  2.  Hill’s Sandaula Kiss from a Rose, another quality bitch of almost nine months, attractive head and expression, clean neck, well sprung ribs, good angulation, slightly longer cast than 1, moved well. 3.  Hazelton’s  Cailloch Sitka.

PB (7), 1.  Hill’s Sandaula This Will Do, Mid Gold Bitch of eight months, feminine head and expression, straight in front, balanced outline, well off for bone, good angulation moved well today, pleased to award her BPB and BPIS.  2.  Hazelton’s Cailloch Juneau, 3. Clarke’s Sunnyoak Twin Sails.

JB (12,3), 1. Richardson’s Catcombe Cut Above for Stormhayes, very feminine mid gold bitch, with the darkest of pigment,  straight in front, cat like feet, short coupled, balanced outline, excellent tail set , liked her a lot, moved well.  2.  Porter’s Shearstone Muck Fe, just over twelve months, mid gold bitch, sweet feminine head , dark eye, well angulated, well sprung ribs, moved well.  3. Russell’s Rosinante Crystal Clear.

SYB (9,2)  1. Russell’s Rosinante Crystal Clear, 16 months old mid gold bitch, maturing well, good pigment and dark eye, on a very attractive head, well off for bone, good front assembly, short coupled and with good angulation. Shown in excellent coat.  2. Gebhard’s Calacarey Ragamuffin Rose, rich gold coated bitch, lovely head and expression with dark pigmentation, short coupled, nice tight feet , held a level top line on the move.  3. Cook’s Precious Gem.

NB (11,3wd). Splitting hairs between first two. 1. French’s Caffimbra Tattered Lace, Pale Bitch of good proportions, feminine bitch with dark pigment, and nice expression, well off for bone, well angulated, good tail set shown in good coat. 2. Porter’s Shearstone Riff Raff,  Mid Gold Bitch, just out of puppy, also well off for pigment, lovely head and expression, slightly longer Bitch, moved well once settled.  3. Richardson’s Catcombe Cut Above For Stormhayes.

GB (5,1). 1. Clunie’s Warrentor Caipirinha JW, Mid Gold Bitch, very attractive feminine head and expression, correct cat like feet, well off for bone, good front assembly, well angulated, correct tailset, shown in excellent coat moved effortlessly around the ring.  2. Gerhard’s Calacarey Ragamuffin Rose. 3. Taylor’s Pandreft Krystal Magic.

PGB (4,2). 1. Smith’s Kadaka Kissagram JW, a bitch I have admired from the ringside, and not disappointed when going over her.  Very feminine head and expression, with dark pigmentation, correct cat like feet, well boned, good proportions , with good spring of rib, strong hind quarters moved with drive. BB and RBIS  2. Hazelton’s Tenfield Red Sunset over Cailloch, three year old mid gold bitch, feminine head and expression, slightly longer-cast than one, moved ok today.

LB (4 ), 1. Hill’s Tamniarn Forget me not Sandaula JW ShCM, Well presented almost three year old  mid gold bitch, attractive feminine head and expression, good front assembly, short coupled ,leading to strong hindquarters, tight feet, moved well. 2. Clarke’s Sunnyoak Stole My Heart, paler coated bitch, lovely dark eye with melting expression and feminine head, well boned, short coupled excellent tail carriage, moved well.  3.Bond’s Trebell Trinity.

OB. (9,3), 1. Lewis ‘s Lovehayne Bijou Among Fairwinds JW,  new to me, lovely paler  bitch, very attractive feminine head with dark eye and pigmentation. Tight cat like feet, well boned, short coupled good proportions both front and rear, presenting  a balanced outline moved effortlessly with drive. RBB. 2. Porter’s Grace and Favour, unfortunate to meet one today, another nice golden bitch, with kind head and expression, correct feet and well off for bone,  good proportions with excellent turn of stifle, shown in excellent condition moved well. 3. Clunie’s Warrentor  Maplemoon

Suzanne Riley