COVID 19 STATEMENT FOR Field trial season 2020/2021

The South Western Golden Retriever Club plan to hold Retriever Field Trials in the forthcoming season. In consideration of the Kennel club’s Operational Plan for the Resumption of Field Trials and relevant Government guidelines, the SWGRC has agreed to implement the measures set out below at All SWGRC field trials.

These measures are not exhaustive. The committee may at any point adapt these measures following the completion of a Field Trial specific risk assessment as necessary to meet update KC advice/ Government Guidelines. Any such changes will be displayed with SWGRC’s public liability insurance documents

GENERAL – Each individual entering has the primary responsibility for his or her own health. They should consider any risk factors relating to age or health or the health of close contacts. This must be considered before entering any event.

Government Guidelines on social distancing in force at the time must be adhered to when attending the trial.

All attendees must provide their own face mask/covering plus hand sanitiser.

SWGRC will keep a register of all attendees at Field Trials which will contain key contact information.

Spectators and other non-essential attendees are not allowed to attend SWGRC Field Trials this season, unless express permission is obtained from our Field Trial Secretary.

A Covid Officer will be at each trial. This person will be named on the card. The Covid Officer will either be the chief steward or Field Trial Secretary.

No one attending a trial must attend if their local area is a local lockdown area imposed by their local authority or Government.

Before attending the trial individuals must be aware that if they or anyone in their household has tested positive or had Covid related symptoms must not attend and self-isolate in line with Government advice.

Social distancing must be adhered to and there should be no physical contact between attendees. Anyone not following the guidelines or who is deemed to be putting the wellbeing of others at risk will be asked to leave by the Covid Officer or Field Trial Secretary. Reasonable effort will be made to ensure there is enough space round parked vehicles.

SWGRC will endeavour to ensure attendees are able to travel around the shoot either on foot or in their own vehicles, it may not always be possible. When it is necessary to use the transport provided by the host announcements will be made on the day as to the arrangements and precautions to be taken.

There will be no refreshments provided. All attendees are asked to provide their own.

COMPETITORS = SWGRC will only accept entries on scanned entry forms sent to the Field Trial Secretary. Alternatively by text giving full details of owner dog plus qualifications for Open Stake. Payment of the entry fee must be made in advance directly to SWGRC’s bank account by those competing.

If a competitor has more than one dog running an appointed individual ideally from their own household must be willing to hold the additional dog. Other competitors must not be used for this purpose. Competitors are required to notify the FT secretary electronically in advance the appointed person’s name, address and contact number for the attendance register.

Competitors will not be required to wear a mask whilst handling a dog, but should remain considerate when standing near to others.

SWGRC will provide sanitised plastic armbands/ numbers BUT ONLY if competitors cannot provide their own. This does not have to be an armband but must be clearly visible to the judge when the competitor joins the line.

Competitors will not receive a printed card on the day, electronic copies of the card to each handler will be sent to each handler in advance of the FT. Others attending the FT may request an electronic copy no later than 48hrs in advance. Updated cards will not be sent, it will be for each attendee to mark their own card with any changes made on the day.

Competitors should be aware that all communication including results of the draw and Field Trial card will be undertaken electronically.

Certificates will be sent by post to the award winners.

Judges books and copies of the KC J regulations must be provided by the judge and only handled by them. Each judge to provide their own stationery and pens/pencils and not shared with co- judges.

Face masks/coverings should be worn during any conferring between judges.

In accordance with the KC operational plan, game certificates will not be required to be completed it will be assumed the conditions of the stake were such as to enable the dogs to be satisfactorily tested. If this is not the case the KC’s Field Trial Dept., must be notified within 7 days.

When handling game passed from a competitor, a face mask/covering must be worn by the judge and judge’s steward or game carrier and should be at the maximum distance possible. Hands must be sanitised between passing each bird. Gloves may be worn only if necessary but would need to be changed and safely discarded between each bird.

The KC are encouraging judges to submit online judge’s evaluation forms via the KC website. Hard copy evaluation forms will not be provided.

OFFICIALS AND HELPERS – All equipment (game bags, notebooks/clipboard etc) must be provided by the individual. If not gloves must be worn and equipment thoroughly wiped with antibacterial wipes before and after use

Radios must be handled wearing gloves and thoroughly cleaned at the start and conclusion of the FT. They should not be swapped without being sanitised. Earpieces must not be worn unless they are an individual’s own.

Shotguns should be handled by the owner only and cartridges not be transferred between individuals.

Guns must be mindful of the location of the gallery and others when in line when shooting. They must follow the shoot owner’s instructions.

Stuart Robson