Chairmans Report for 2021 Championship Show

Show report for 2021 Championship Show August 7 TH 2021

The last 18 months has been very difficult for everyone, living through a Pandemic has been so stressful and hard for most of us. We are now beginning to get back some kind of normality and one of the things we love is our ability to be able to show our dogs again.

Our main Championship show normally held in March was unable to go ahead so the committee approached Paignton Champ show who agreed to accommodate us in the summer. It was decided to hold our show alongside Paignton at West Point.

Unfortunately on the day the weather took a turn for the worst and as our rings were outside the rain was not going to let up. We had to delay judging, thankfully our judges were very understanding. We were finally able to get the show going having had to set up the rings first.

We had a reasonable entry of Dogs and Bitches and once judging was underway all went well. It was difficult running a show in this way and we hope to go back to Hutton Moor next March fingers crossed.

Thank you to our judges Mrs Lyn Anderson and Linda Harvey-Major for their patience and understanding.

All the results and super photos are available on our Web-site for all to see.

Thank you for supporting our show and we hope to see you all next year in March.

Glennis Hewitson (Chairman)

Chairmans report for 2020

Ladies & Gentlemen, members of the club & committee as Chairman of the club it is my duty to present to you my Annual report.

2020 has proved to be a year we will all remember but not necessary for the right reasons. At the start of the year we all knew about the Coronavirus that was spreading in Asia and we thought perhaps it was not going to hit the UK but how wrong we all were. By March it was looking quite likely we were heading into a Pandemic and that is exactly what was about to happen.

It became a difficult for all clubs running any activities, Crufts went ahead and as we were to hold our Championship show in March also, it soon became a nightmare to organise. Sadly our long standing secretary Fiona Scholes resigned under difficult circumstances in February which meant we had to find a new secretary as soon as possible, very kindly Su Porter offered her services to take on the job. l am sure the committee and myself will be forever thankful she took up the job.

So with much to sort out the Championship show did finally go ahead with change of Judges and referees we did run the show, there were quite a few absentees much to be expected as within a few days the whole country went into Lockdown and that was the end of any events planned for the rest of the year. You can see photos and reports of the winners on the web-site.

Behind the scenes as always, the committee carried on with the running of club, re-arranging events only for them to be cancelled. Su Porter kindly agreed to accept the position of Secretary on a permanent basis, it hasn’t been the easiest task to take on but gradually things are coming together now.

Our Rescue officer Sarah Hughes, along with Jane & Terry Mace and the help of many of the committee and members of the club continued helping re-home many dogs over the past year. It again has been difficult during these times to help all the dogs but we do try our best. Sarah has made her report. We have seen recently of puppies purchased in the lockdown now looking to be re-homed something we all thought would unfortunately happen. Thank you to all who have help make sure these dogs have new and loving homes.

Stuart Robson our Working & Field Trial Secretary was lucky to be able to hold some events in the later part of the year, I do believe we were possibly the only club to do this. His report will give more details. Thank you to Stuart for your support.

It has been a difficult year for many people, so looking forward we hope to that we will be able to meet up with our Golden Friends, attend shows and other events. Our dogs have brought us the much-needed company we all needed in such strange times.

As always, I must offer our thoughts and condolences to the families of members of our club who have sadly lost loved ones during the past year.

Finally, I would like to thank our committee for the time they give the club and to the members for all your continued support without all of you the club would not function.
I do hope 2021 will be a better year for everyone and we can get back to leading a near normal life.
Ladies & gentlemen l would ask you to accept this as my annual report.

Glennis Hewitson (Chairman)