Having Decided to buy a Puppy

1.   Try and visit your puppy a couple of times before he is old enough to take home, it will help to get to know your breeder and you will be able to ask questions about feeding etc. Please try and keep on time when visiting the puppies as there may be other people also visiting that day particularly at weekends.

When collecting your puppy from the breeder it is advisable to take some paper kitchen  roll and some old towels.  Some young puppies will travel very well others only go a short  distance and are sick.  It is better to hold him securely on your knee then you are able to brace him for the twists and turns and reassure him about the passing traffic.

2.   You should be given a signed copy of the pedigree, a Kennel Club registration certificate, a diet sheet as a guide to feeding in the first few weeks, also a date to next  worm your puppy. Sometimes the breeder may not have received the registration certificate in time and will forward this on.    


3.   Please do not rush your puppy to the vet for vaccinations immediately you get him home.  Leaving his litter brothers and sisters and Mum plus a journey in the car is quite an event in a young puppy’s life,  he needs a couple of days to get used to his new family and the geography of his new home and garden.

4.   A well trained dog is easy and a joy to live with, ask at either your local pet shop or vets  about training classes in your area.

Contact our Puppy List coordinator for information on current/planned litters

Mrs Judi Stanley  Tel  01395 567192  or email  puppy.register@swgrc.co.uk


See the Kennel Club Page on buying a Puppy


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