Buying a Golden Retriever Puppy

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Puppy Enquiries

At the present time all Breed Clubs are being inundated with puppy enquiries. Unfortunately some people are under the impression that it is an ideal time to have a puppy as they are currently off work but the concern is what will happen to the puppy once they return to employment.  

Demand for puppies is far outstripping the number of puppies available and prices have skyrocketed. Some Unscrupulous breeders are asking ridiculous prices for their puppies and our advice to you is that a reasonable price for a well bred puppy is £2000-£2500. We would also advise you that no deposit should be paid until you have had the opportunity to visit the litter together with their mother and you are satisfied with the way they are being reared. Unfortunately we have been made aware of instances where puppy purchasers have paid a deposit for non existent puppies! You should also beware that there are puppy farms operating where puppies are bred purely for profit and the conditions in which they are reared are far from ideal and purchasing a pup from one of these establishments could lead to a lifetime of problems.

Always ask the breeder for the registered name of the puppies parents as you can then check their health results on The Kennel Club website. Unfortunately , there have been instances where the breeder has not been totally honest about the health status and as a minimum we recommend that hip and elbows have been scored and eyes tested.

Under normal circumstances we would usually advise potential puppy purchasers to visit a local dog show and speak to exhibitors and they would have pointed you in the right direction. However, as this is currently not possible our advice would be to contact breeders to ask about their future breeding plans and ask to be put on their waiting list.

Before you buy a puppy please think carefully about the following points

1.   Puppies are very appealing but extremely time consuming, have you got the time with your other  lifestyle commitments to devote to a puppy’s care, training and exercise. There should be someone at home for a good part of the day as a lonely and bored dogs can become destructive. Golden Retrievers by virtue of their nature love human company.

2.    When you visit a litter of Golden Retriever puppies always see the mother as well, often  it is not possible to see the father as he may live some distance away.

3.   Ask to see the hips and  eye certificates of both parents, some breeders may have elbow certificates, this is optional.

4.   Depending on the age you first visit the litter, once they are on their feet the puppies should be friendly, lively and playful and delighted to see visitors. They should look well fed and their coats should have a nice feel to them, eyes and ears should be clean.

5.   The breeder of the puppies will ask you several questions regarding the future life of the puppy you want to purchase. Hopefully you will have thought long and hard as to whether you have the time and resources to commit to a dog for it’s lifetime.

6.   If you have more than one litter to visit please try not to go directly from one to another, should this be unavoidable,  please tell the breeders you have visited other puppies before going into the premises as all the puppies could be at risk of cross infection.

Having decided to buy a Puppy

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