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SWGRC is proud to announce that we have just been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the Kennel Club for our well run Open Show in April 2017

The Chairmans report for 2016 is now available for download  DOC format HERE or PDF format HERE

Message from Stuart Robson.:-  I have arranged 2 trials for next season. The Novice is being held on new ground by kind invitation of Richard & Caroline Caines so I hope for a large entry! The Open is again at "Holway" where we have held our open for several years with great success. The best dogs have always come through with a deserved winner.

Grounds have not been easy to obtain in recent years & I am grateful to our hosts for there help.

We are capable of holding another Novice/All Aged in future years providing there is demand & the grounds so if members know of a shoot willing to accommodate us please let me know." 

Stuart Robson    [email protected]

**NEW**  Articles from the Kennel Club, Breed Council etc.

Breed Council Article on Gonioscopy and Glaucoma  Download WORD.doc HERE or PDF HERE

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY PENNY GAYLER on "Wet Puppy Syndrome"  Download the Article HERE (Word Format) or HERE (PDF Format)

QUEENS VETINARY SCHOOL HOSPITAL  Study into Ureteral Ectopia "Wet Puppy Syndrome" Download the Article HERE







We now use the Internet to stay in touch with our members, to that end, we respectfully request that  ALL members contact the Membership Secretary (Judi Stanley) via an email so that she can Update/Maintain our members email details. Thank you.

life & times of Haremire Diane of Haddeo.  by Stuart Robson

A short history of the life & times of Haremire Diane of Haddeo – Becky   8/5/2001 – 30/1/2015

In 2001 I moved from just inside the north Devon border to the south east corner of Exmoor surrounded by the renowned Haddeo shoot & the moor  right outside my gate. I thought it about time I  looked for a puppy  & as luck would have it, Mike Prosser,  a well known trialler from Yorkshire, had just bred a litter out of Haremire Juniper by Haremire Dipper. Juniper had many trialling awards & was unlucky not to win more but the persuading factor in acquiring Becky, was Junipers sire – Deadcraft Kestrel of Rhypyker, bred by Judy Rainey & I had his litter sister who was just about the best picking up dog you could wish for.

At about 15 mths Judy Rainey said “you'll have a lot of fun with her” - & I certainly did.  Becky won the first test we entered & although not recommended, trialled at 18mths getting through several rounds although I hasten to add that the trial had a spare space & as Secretary I entered.

Around this time Judith Evans also had a young dog of similar age – Holway Victor – Hector to his friends. A lovely dog whom went on to win the GRC 2 day stake & thus qualify for the Retriever Championship.Like Hector, Becky managed many awards in trials & tests but her best of 2nd in the GRC of Scotlands Open stake didn't quite live up to Hectors record.  Hector & Becky were lucky enough to represent the club in the Inter Club tests on a number of occasions & were in the winning team when held in Wales. In fact the South Western club have an excellent record in this event & there is much banter & rivalry between our club & the GRC.

Having such an easy dog to train & live with made competing very enjoyable but the time came for me to consider having puppies. I was spoilt for choice as there were several well bred & successful dogs & in particular Tauvechan Minstrel who Mike Knox campaigned vigourously & had much success.

My first litter sired by Holway Banjo included a bitch Haddeo Sweet Briar who went on to win 2 trials  & a best of 2nd in the Yorkshire GRC's Open stake. Although an Any Variety trial mine was the only Golden running; so even in those days Goldens were few in number but as Graham Cox said “its always good to compete against labradors & where possible – beat them”. In the same litter I had bred  Haddeo Noble – Solo – the owner suffered a heart attack & I was asked to take the dog back at 15months. With abit of training he also won a trial & if it hadn't been for Briar I would have liked to have taken him further. Sadly he pre deceased his Mum – Becky by 2 weeks.

As I've mentioned Hector was also a very special dog & it was natural to ask Judith if I could use him. From this litter 3 pups went to trialling & picking up homes & I kept 2 bitches. Of the 3  they all won trialling awards  & two qualified to Open stakes but with Judith Evans who chose her pup Haddeo Snipe (Trigon) , she was successful in  making him up to Field Trial Champion & again qualified for the Retriever Championship. I only competed with one of my pups, namely Haddeo Hermia (Lucy) who ended her career with 3 seconds in Open stakes, one of which was a 2 day stake;  & to my surprise when stepping in at the last moment when she was almost retired - top open dog in the Inter club.

As a result of my friends who chose pups from Becky & had a great deal of success, one of my prized awards which made me especially proud of Becky; was the GRC's trophy the “Standerwick” cup which is presented each year to the bitch who's progeny had won the most field trial points in a particular year. Becky won this on 4 occasions 2008/2009/2010 &12. I think only June Atkinson has won it on more occasions, & who would think otherwise of such a great competitor & breeder.

Haremire Diane of Haddeo (Becky) 8/5/01 to 30/1/15

This is not intended to blow either my or Becky's trumpet, but to express my thanks to my best friend.

Stuart Robson

 More Pictures in the Photo Album HERE

Committee Members

We currently have vacancies for Two Committee Members. For more information please contact Judi Stanley ([email protected]) or any Committee Member.

Grooming & Handling Seminar



On Sunday the 1st of November we held a Grooming & Handling seminar at Oake Village hall.

The event was aimed to help both experienced show people and new people coming into the breed.

We were very fortunate to have Melissa Loverock come along for the day to give us a full demonstration on how best to present your dog for the show ring, plus plenty of trimming and grooming tips. Plenty of time was had to ask questions throughout the morning, plus time to join up in groups to have more one to one help. It gave a good insight how best to prepare your dog for the show ring.

After a good lunch and a short time to have a good chat about the morning’s event we followed on  with a ring craft demo from Sue Porter and then one to one help with Cheryl Bawden and myself. This gave everyone time to ask many questions how best to get the most from their dog in the show ring. I feel it was a very valuable day for many that attended.

I would like to thank all who helped organise the event, also all the committee for their help on the day. My thanks go to Anthony Maidment for taking the photos now up on the web page. 

Glennis Hewitson. (Chairman)

See the Photographs HERE

Freddie and the Dingles
Our generous rescue donators from Cornwall the Dingles with Freddie the dog have sent another cheque for £360 (June 2015) bringing the total to £2136.50 (See article below)
21st Century Management of Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy
 You are cordially invited to attend the above event at the Royal Veterinary College on
29th June 2015. Attendance is free and by invitation only.
Click HERE for more details
Diana Dale

It is with great sadness we have to report the death of Diana Dale (Mindaro)

Diana was always very much a part of South Western Golden Retriever Club and served on the Committee for 25 years.

She will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.

Funeral will be on Friday 26th June at 1pm East Devon Crematorium                   London Road, Strete Ralegh, Whimple EX5 2PT (Just off the A30)

SW Golden Retriever Rescue
  I would like to bring to the notice of all our members that towards the end of 2014 we were very fortunate be left a large sum of money for the sole purpose of rescue.  As a committee we have discussed many different ideas how best to use these funds for the good of the breed through rescue in the South West area. Our main thought at the moment would be to possibly set up a Trust Fund, if we did go down this route; we would have to run several fund raising events throughout the year. If we did register as a Trust I would like to ask for support from members to help run such events.  
I would like anyone interested in helping run such a trust to perhaps come forward with ideas and suggestions at our AGM on Sunday the 29th March. 12.00 noon at Broadclyst Village hall.
(See Below)

Glennis Hewitson. (Chairman)


Membership Renewal

Please note that membership renewal is due on the 1st January.

For your convenience, a form can be downloaded HERE

Please Note New Fees from 1st January 2013:- £10 Single & £12 Joint

Interclub Report & Photos

Read reports from the 2013 Inter-club Working Tests HERE

and see all the Pictures HERE

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Important Notice
Would all SWGRC members who Breed thier dogs or own Stud dogs please read the re-adopted  SWGRC Code of Ethics as agreed at the AGM on 2nd June 2013
Health Report

Margaret Woods (Our Breed Health Co-Ordinator) has produced a report (23/2/13) discussing subjects including PRA testing, Ectopic Ureter, Epilepsy and Cancer.

To read the report and download a copy, Click HERE


A BIG thank you to Mr and Mrs T Dingle who live at St Columb Cornwall who have this year raised a total of £2136.50 for SWGRC Rescue mainly from sponsorship of their dog Freddie on a "sponsored slim" which is difficult for him as he spends the day in their pet shop!

 They also recently had a "Name the Scarecrow" competition

We held a name the scarecrow at  Pads & Paws  to boost funds for the SWGRC rescue, which raised £26.50. This is a photo of Freddie with the scarecrow which was named Wilsun. 


We bred Fraser to be a show dog and this he did in style. By the time he was three years he was a full champion, that is a show champion, with gundog working qualifications. He always wags his tail but sometimes wipes the cups off the coffee table! Fraser is one of those dogs who can smile, and when he does you forgive him everything. He loves running at breakneck speed over the downs with the sheer joy of freedom and space, but always turning on a sixpence at the sound of the recall whistle. We live by the river and when   allowed Fraser likes nothing better than swimming in every deep hole he can find, sometimes going round in circles to make the swim last longer.


However, when I had a new knee and was on crutches we found this energetic ball of fur had another side to him. Fraser took to walking quietly by my side. When I went to bed early he would come up and gentle put his head on my chest and then seeing all was well go down stairs again



We used these qualities of sensitivity and gentleness now by taking him into Nursing Homes as a Pets As Therapy dog. He is never fazed by anything and has brought so much enjoyment to staff and patients. He is particularly good in the dementia unit with patients who are severely locked in. He looks at them with his deep liquid brown eyes seeming to say I’m here just for you.


Likes—old well chewed bones

Dislikes—Being kept waiting for a walk!

Finest Hour—Showing us some of the extraordinary qualities of dogs and their devotion to humans

Louise Hartgill  Salisbury


New Field Trial Champion  Bred by Stuart Robson

Golden Retrievers New Field Trial Chanpion (subject to KC confirmation)

 Many congratulations on behalf of the Group to Judith Evans and Haddeo Snipe, a new FT Champion, after the GRC Open Qualifying Stake. I send many messages to new Champions, Show Champions and Junior Warrant winners and I repeat our congratulations to all of them but it is great to send this one.

Jenny Bridges





Photo: Judith Evans with Haddeo Snipe and Head Keeper Geoff Cook


Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks


I work at Hamworthy First School & Nursery in Poole, Dorset as a Teaching Assistant. The pupils range in age from 3-8 and we have a high proportion of pupils with special educational needs.  These range from behaviour problems and mild learning barriers to children with severe physical and mental disorders.  We are always looking for new ways of assisting and exciting our children and ways to enhance their learning.  The idea of having a school dog was raised and I knew just the dog for the job.  So I set about having Sonny assessed by Pets As Therapy.


Sonny helps children with their reading and is a good listening ear, by creating a lovely calm atmosphere.  He has children visit him who are not good at socialising with other children.  We talk about how we should care for animals and each other.  We discuss how we keep Sonny healthy and happy and relate this to leading a healthy lifestyle themselves.  Sonny has cuddles from several children who unfortunately do not have a perfect home environment or are in care and he gives them a little bit of much needed love and attention.

Sonny has now worked with over 50 children and the successes are far too numerous to mention, however some examples are:-

-         Children who were unhappy coming in to school, suddenly coming in smiling  (sometimes  with dog treats in hand)!

-         Children with behaviour problems, learning to behave well in school (just like Sonny)!

-         Children with movement difficulties, playing ball with Sonny.

-         Children who do not like reading, picking up books and reading to Sonny.

Sonny has been undertaking his visits now for a year. We initially started with visits just once a week but due to the success of the project he now visits School twice a week.  Everyone involved has been astounded by the positive feedback we have received from children, parents, governors, local social workers and Ofsted.  It has truly become a very special experience for many special children.

Sonny too is enjoying all the attention, including articles in the local newspapers, receiving his own letters, presents, paintings and of course plenty of cuddles - oh and clearing up the crumbs on the staff room floor!!!

Jenny Clarke

Sonny’s info: Bramblebriar Coachman at Sunnyoak (Gatchells Lone Ranger at Seruilia x Mulfield Starlight of Bramblebriar)


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